"Take a Journey with Books, Destinations are Unlimited"

To promote reading, the Gardenview Blue Jays will be hosting a school wide reading event for the entire year. Our plan is to motivate, electrify, and engage our students to read for enjoyment as well as information.  We want our students to develop a love for reading.  Each month a different reading event will be hosted by our fantastic teachers.  Our reading theme is, "Take a Journey with Books...Destinations are Unlimited." 


Ms. House and Ms. Walter kicked off the year with a Book Buzz.

While students and teachers were in the cafeteria doing fun stuff from their science and math books; the parents were in the library with Mrs. Perkins getting hands on training on Accelerated Reading.  For the month of August our students read 1077 books!!

Ms. Walter models the experiment.

                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. Lewis and his kindergarten.

Ms. House and Ms. Sullivan

After a short presentation about the AR program, parents were given a book to read and take an AR quiz on it. They all scored a 100%.  Way to go Blue Jay Parents!!


In September, we held our annual Reading Fair which was hosted by Ms. English, Mrs. Mason, and Mrs. Perkins.  Click on the above link and check out our winners.  We also held our first Reading Fair Parade.  Go Blue Jays!!! Our students read 1500 books in September. So far we've read a total of 2577 books.    




In October we had a Trick-or-Treat Ghost Stories night.  Students wore their Halloween costumes and went from room to room trick -or-treating, and listening to ghost stories read by their teachers.  This event was hosted by Ms. Murphy.  We had just as many parents as there were students, and we all had a great time.   In October we read 1402 books. We've read a total of 4079 books!  Bluejays are on the move!!

Ahoy there Ms. Hughes!!! Ms. Hughes was decked out in her pirate costume.


In November, we had a fantastic time celebrating our Fall Literacy Fest!  This event was hosted by Ms. Hughes and Mrs. Ford.We had a terrific day filled with fun games, delicious food, great prizes, and a marvelous dance.  Students rotated from one station to another answering reading questions or completing a reading activity before playing a fun game.  Hats off to Ms. Hughes who provided the staff with a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  We all had a blast!!! In November we read 738 books. The Bluejays have read a total of 4817 books!!!




Once again we had another great time promoting literacy in the month of December.  Most people tend to hand our toys, games, and play items for Christmas, but at Gardenview, we passesd out Christmas books. Thanks to Ms. Harris, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Stover  our Christmas program was a huge literacy success. E-SIDAZ motor cycle club of Memphis donated and help distribute 300 books to our parents and students. In December, we read 244 books. We've read a total of 6925 books! Yea!!! Bluejays!!!




To promote reading and get our students focused on college, teachers Angela Barns and Zipporah Freeman hosted a College Reading Day; which was a phenomenal success!!  About thirty college students came out dressed in their college T-shirts and read books to our students, talked about why they should go to college, and answered questions about college. Teachers and students wore their favorite college T-shirts as well.  Many, many thanks, to Angela and Zipporah for hosting such a great event.  In January we read 947 books.  We've read a total of 6686!!!


Mrs. Johnson ended our yearly literacy activities with an AWESOME "Jump Into Reading" program.  All grades got a chance to show off their jumping skills as they read poems and cliches from various authors.  The program was a big success!!  Thank you soooo much Mrs. Johnson and Mrs.Cynthia Harris for encouraging our students to read!! Gardenview Stuents have read and mastered a total of 9813 books!!!  Our goal for next year is to read 10500 books.