Ms. Askew’s weekly homework assignmentsMonday--

Reread Chapters 14 and 15 and add two quotes to your Gathering Textual Evidence graphic organizer. •Read Chapters 16–18 and complete the Reader’s Notes (both parts) for these chapters. Reread Chapters 16 –18 and add two quotes to your Gathering Textual Evidence graphic organizer. Tuesday---Tonight, you will learn about the organization that Salva Dut began, called Water for South Sudan. The organization’s website is at Your homework is to read parts of the website (printed out) and answer the questions. We will be discussing these texts tomorrow and using them for an assessment.Wednesday--See Vocabulary Review homework. Rewrite the sentences from A Long Walk to Waterin your own words. Make sure you are correctly explaining the underlined words. The page number after each sentence indicates the page in the book where you can find the sentence. Let’s look at the example on your homework sheet: Salva shook with terrorinside and out. (40)Salva was very scaredThursday--If you did not finish putting important details, quotes, and page numbers on the Forming Evidence-Based Claims graphic organizer, finish Row 1.Friday---Select three important quotes from A Long Walk to Waterthat you have on your Gathering Textual Evidence organizer or your Reader’s Notes. •Put your three quotes into sentences smoothly, punctuating them correctly and giving the page number from the book in parentheses after the quote. •Use your Tips for Using Quotes handout to see some of the rules for using quotes.