Monday Assignment

Write a story related to the points shown in each graph.  Be sure to include a statement relating the numbers graphed on the number line to their order.





Tuesday Assignment Problem Set


For each of the relationships described below, write an inequality that relates the rational numbers.

For each of the following, use the information given by the inequality to describe the relative position of the numbers on a horizontal number line.

Fill in the blanks with numbers that correctly complete each of the statements.

Three integers between  and


For each of the following two quantities in Problems 1–4, which has the greater magnitude? (Use absolute value to defend your answers.) 1. 33 dollars and −52 dollars

2. −14 feet and 23 feet

3. −24.6 pounds and −24.58 pounds

4. −111 4

degrees and 11 degrees

For Problems 5–7, answer true or false. If false, explain why. 5. The absolute value of a negative number will always be a positive number.

6. The absolute value of any number will always be a positive number.

7. Positive numbers will always have a higher absolute value than negative numbers.

8. Write a word problem whose solution is |20| = 20.

9. Write a word problem whose solution is |−70| = 70.

10. Look at the bank account transactions listed below, and determine which has the greatest impact on the account balance. Explain. a. A withdrawal of $60 b. A deposit of $55 c. A withdrawal of $58.50


Problem Set