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Ticada T. Guyton,

Instructional Leader



Georgian Hills Middle School

"Where Excellence is a Habit!"

Dear Parents, Families and Friends,

As I begin my second school year as Principal of Georgian Hills Middle, I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our children. By setting high academic expectations for all children and providing supportive systems to assure they are met, we will achieve this goal. It is my desire that all of our children are not only prepared for high school but also are college or career ready.

I am very pleased to share the news about a very exciting program here Georgian Hills Middle School, AVID.  AVID is a program that utilizes a systematic approach which ensures that our students are adequately prepared for academic success. It includes a set of instructional approaches as well as exposure elements geared toward helping students make sound decisions that will lead them to their end goals after high school. Our scholars will greatly benefit from this approach.

Additionally, I whole heartedly embrace the challenges of the future. We have work to do, but it can be done!  Together as a collective unit will we will be successful. Our remarkable staff, involved parents and committed students make Georgian Hills Middle School a wonderful and unique place.

I hope your visit to our website will give you a quick snapshot of life at our school.  Please explore our links to find out more about curriculum, programs, and daily events Georgian Hills.

If who you are is what you have, and what you have is lost...then who are you?

Ticada Guyton, Ed.S.

Instructional Leader

Georgian Hills Middle School

901.650.4104 (cell)

901.416.3740 (office)



Mr. Derrick Hardaway,

Georgian Hills Middle School

Assistant Principal


Mrs. Carla Ross,

Georgian Hills Middle School

PLC Coach


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