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What's Happening in Science?

Third grade students created their own weather instruments.

Fifth grade students conducted an experiment to find the relationship between mass, force, and distance.

Students created an imbalance of positive and negative charges so the negative charges on the balloon would attract the positive charges of the wall......also known as static electricity.


First, you have to milk the cow.  Then, you make the butter.  Finally, you taste the butter. First grade students found out what it is like to milk a cow and make your own butter after reading about farms.

Fifth Grade found out how volcanoes are responsible for earth's geological features.

Sorting natural and man-made item

Fourth grade students used toy cars to learn about motion, position, force, and friction.

Third Grade experimented with landforms and erosion.

Group projects on landforms

Fourth grade students learned about reflection, refraction, and other vocabulary relating to light.

First grade students learned about matter and the properties of a liquid and a solid.


Third graders became trees and found out why some trees live and others do not. Which trees received

what they needed to survive?

Fifth Grade Solar Systems

 What purpose do feathers serve?  How do they help animals adapt to their environment?

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