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Kate Bond Middle School

2737 Kate Bond Road

Memphis, TN 38133

 Telephone Number (901) 416-0640

Fax (901) 416-7962

School Hours: 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM

Breakfast- 7:45 AM - 8:05 AM (unless bus is late)

Dr. Christopher Murrah, Principal

Michael Ayers, Jr. Assistant Principal

Melody S. Harrison, Assistant Principal





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New KBMS website coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

              Students- please click here to fill out our Students' Needs Assessment. Thanks!

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Upcoming Events

Football game - September 6 , 5:30 PM @ KBMS

Volleyball Game- September 6, 5:30 PM @ Germantown

Grandparents' Day Lunch- September 7 during all three lunches

$3.50 due on Friday September 1

KBMS Open House- September 7, 2017, at 6 PM

Volleyball Game- September 8, 5:30 PM @ KBMS
Soccer Game- September 9, 10:15 AM @ Cordova


Football Homecoming 2017


Silly Sock Day

Monday September 11

Wear your silliest, funniest, brightest, most unusual socks

Jersey Day

Tuesday September 12

Wear a jersey to represent your favorite team

Kodiak Day

Wednesday September 13

Wear your Kodiak Blue and Gray 

Pep Rally

Wednesday 9-13



Get Ready to Beat Cordova!

Join us September 13th at 5:00 P.M. on the Football Field  Tickets $5

Homecoming Court Announced at Halftime

KBMS 2017-2018 Student Uniform Policy

Boys & Girls

  • Navy Polo (with collar)
    • With KBMS Logo (Vendor-Specific purchase)
    • Without KBMS Logo (May be purchased from any vendor/store)
  • Khaki Shorts
    • Standard uniform-style, KNEE-LENGTH shorts only
    • NOT INLCUDED:  cargo shorts, short-shorts, shorts with holes
  • Khaki Pants
    • Standard uniform-style pants only
    • NOT INLCUDED:  Leggings, stretch pants, joggers, jogging pants, cargo pants, any pants with elastic at ankles
  • Brown Belts
    • Standard uniform-style belts only
    • NOT INLCUDED:  belts of any color other than brown, no large belt-buckles, no logo-style belt buckles, no belts of ANY color with a logo

OPTIONAL Choices beyond the KBMS Standard Uniform

  • Long-Sleeve, Button-Down WHITE shirt WITH KBMS Logo (Vendor-Specific purchase)
  • Khaki Skirts/jumpers
    • Standard uniform-style, KNEE-LENGTH skirts/jumpers only
  • Vendor-Specific Plaid skirt
  • KBMS T-shirts  (Fridays and other specified days only)
  • Navy Hoodie
    • With KBMS Logo (Vendor-Specific purchase)
    • Without KBMS (May be purchased from any vendor/store)
  • Navy Light-Weight Jacket with front Zipper
    • With KBMS Logo (Vendor-Specific purchase)
    • Without KBMS Logo (May be purchased from any vendor/store)
  • Navy Sweater
    • With KBMS Logo (Vendor-Specific purchase)
    • Without KBMS Logo (May be purchased from any vendor/store)

Additional Uniform Policy Information

  • The ONLY logo that be worn inside the building is the KBMS logo. All items must be plain and free of logos other than the KBMS logo that is vender-specific.
  • The KBMS logo can only be placed on clothes/outerwear provided from our specified vendor. 
  • NO other logo may be worn on any clothes/outerwear. 
  • Boys MUST have shirt tucked in and belt on at all times.
  • Boys MUST have pants positioned appropriately on waist, so that the pants are not sagging at any time.
  • GIRLS must have shirt appropriately covering waistline, so that no undergarments are visible at any time. 
  • GIRLS must have tops that appropriately cover the entirety of the chest area.
  • Specified hoodies/jackets/sweaters MAY be worn in the classroom except when determined to be an interruption to the learning environment and during state-mandated testing.
  • ALL other types of outer-wear, including heavy coats, scarves, gloves, ski masks, and blankets will NOT be allowed in the classroom or during hallway transitions except upon entering the building upon arrival to campus and leaving the building upon dismissal from campus.

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For a complete list of school activities and upcoming events, please see our calendar

Also check out our activities page to see pictures of past events at KBMS


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Last updated: September 13, 2017

Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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