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Teachers here at Keystone often have surprise visitors! Former Keystone students visit and think back on their days at our school.  We decided to invite some of the Keystone Alumni to share their memories, offer advice, and reflect on how Keystone made a difference in their lives.


Paula K. Peyton – 1998-2004


          After I graduated from high school in 2010, I thought I’d like to write for a newspaper, so I spent two years majoring in journalism at the University of Memphis. I found out in May that I was chosen as the winner of the Eleanor Kelley Grusin Writing Award. I loved being there, but I wanted more. In June, I decided that I really wanted to spend most of my time cooking, and I transferred to L’Ecole Culinaire, where I’m working on a degree in culinary arts. I plan on opening a restaurant here in Memphis in the future.

          The best thing you can do for yourself is to always do your homework. Also, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or to ask your teacher for help. When I went to Keystone, I hated multiplication tables and fractions. They were so confusing to me. I focused on getting my homework done every night and stopped being afraid to ask for help, and pretty soon, I started to understand how those things worked. I thought I’d never use them again, but in culinary school, we use them both every single day. Now I’m the best in my class at math, and everyone else asks me for help!

          Enjoy your time here at Keystone! Make lots of memories. You’ll treasure them when you’re my age.

Sheena Nicole Boyce

          Sheena Nicole Boyce, daughter of Hutchinson and Sonji Boyce, was born on October 9, 1991 in Memphis, TN.  She is now a junior at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA working on degrees in psychology and pre-dental.  Along with maintaining above a 3.0 GPA, Boyce has had the opportunity to be involved in organizations such as the Residential Hall Association, NAACP, the Pre-Dental Institute, and the NCAA softball team.  She would not be able to attend this prestigious institute without a solid foundation.  That foundation started when she was a young girl at Keystone Elementary.  Boyce states, “I know I would not have grown into the student I am today without putting in the work back then.  Do not take the education and preparation you are receiving at Keystone lightly.” Boyce hopes that each student remains positive in their matriculation through school and always strive to go on to higher education.  “There are endless opportunities waiting for you all.  Remember to always work hard and remain humble, then the rest will fall into place.  Good luck this academic school year!”

MarVelous Brown 1997 - 2004

          My name is MarVelous Brown and I am currently a Junior Music Education major at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN.  I went to Keystone from 1997-2004 and those were some of the best times of my life!  I ran across some of the best people that I still talk to today such as; Ms. Bickers, Ms. Moore and Mrs. Croom.  Being in school has impacted me in a lot of great ways such as getting to know others who are going in the same field as me and being around people getting ready for the world.  It is extremely important to get an education because that’s the only thing that people cannot take away from you.  Knowledge is power.  Being in school has given me opportunities to be apart of the Aristocrat of Bands and the trombone section leader.  Having these opportunities has allowed me to travel to places that I would never have thought of going to on my own.  Stay in school and make the best grades you can!

Allyson R. Shipp

           Hello my name is Allyson R. Shipp.  I attended Keystone from grades second through sixth.  I can remember in 5th grade learning how to balance a checkbook and being introduced to money management.  These experiences were very helpful.   The people I met at this wonderful school have all impacted my life in ways that they will never know, especially Ms. Carolyn Moore.   From the teachers to the cafeteria staff, they all planted a seed in my life.  I am currently in preparation to join the United State Army Reserve and later plan to attend Medical School.  I value the time and experiences that I had at Keystone. 

To the current and future students: Life is full of ups and downs, but they key to survival is a strong foundation.  At Keystone that is exactly what you are gaining.  Listen with your ears, your mind, and your heart.  Never give up and always keep a smile on your face. Always remember to give back to those that are in need and try to make a difference in the community where you live.  Keystone is the center stone in a bridge that holds it together and that is what we represent: the support of our communities. 

Adam Ghueder

I can definitely say that attending Keystone Elementary helped build the foundation of the young man I am today. Keystone taught me reading, speaking, and organizational skills. I remember all of the Accelerated Reader competitions throughout the years and always wanting to win the various prizes. I would get upset if I was not in the top 5 of my grade. Keystone also taught me to get involved and become a well-rounded student who does more than just attend class. I remember being a part of the choir and Jazz Ensemble. Involvement at a young age made me become involved in middle, high school, and now college. I’m currently 22 years old in my senior year at Middle Tennessee State University, graduating in May, 2015. I am involved on campus as Vice President of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing fraternity and also a member of an organization called the National Society of Leadership and Success. I have also founded my own business called SneakFest Sneaker Expo, which is a travelling sneaker trade show featuring vendors from all around the United States. I have hosted 3 shows so far since I created my business in the fall of 2013, with an average show attendance of 2,000. As I have grown in today’s generation, I have noticed how crucial it is to stay in school and succeed. The world is growing at a very fast pace with technology, education, and the workforce, and you must work hard to stay afloat. Keystone has certainly shaped me into a young man, ready to take on large responsibilities.

Adam Ghueder, Keystone Alumni

MTSU Senior

Jerrica M. Parrish (1998 - 2004)

I am currently a senior majoring in Mathematics and Biology at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AR.  I attended Keystone from Kindergarten through 5th grade (1998 – 2004). Keystone was one of the most memorable times in my life.  I recall every single one of my teachers and speak of them on a regular basis.  My friends and I created such strong bonds at Keystone that when we crossed paths again in highschool, it was only natural to pick up where we left off.  Some of us are still in contact today.  It is an exceptional feeling! Honestly, it was Keystone that taught me what I cherish the most, which is the relationships I have with people. It was such a small, close-knit school that our principal, Ms. Jenson, knew all of her students by name.  Keystone was the definition of “home away from home”.  The environment was nurturing and the faculty and staff looked after me and made sure I had all I needed to succeed.  But at the same time, independence was taught and instilled in me.  Keystone is actually the reason why I wanted to attend a smaller college to continue my education.  If it weren’t for my foundation at Keystone, I do not know where my path would have taken me. It’s because of the small things that help shape our foundation that lead to our big success! 


If you are a Keystone Elementary alumni and would like to share the exciting things you are doing, please send submissions to Ms. Vescovi at or to Mrs. Moore at  Thank you!

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