Shelby County Schools

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Mr. Shenar Miller
Interim Principal
Ms. Nora Jones
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Danyel Turner
Assistant Principal
Mr. John Beattie
Assistant Principal
Mr. Walter Ward
Dean of Students
Ms. Lois Johnson
PLC Coach
Ms. Margaret Williams
PLC Coach



2018-2019 Faculty Staff Directory
Title/Subjects Name
Algebra II Aku
SPED Armstrong
SPED Banks
Geometry Beasley
Algebra Bettis
US Gov Britt
Math Enrichment Brooks
Behavioral Community Brown
Calculus Brunelle
Foreign Language Burlison
English Caen
Biology Cao
Geometry Clark
Band J. Clay
History Q. Clay
Science Coleman
ESL Contreras
ESL Cook
Chemistry Cornwell
English Dye
ROTC Dumas
Bridge Math Edwards
Spanish Espada
English Freed
English Fuson
SPED Gates
ESL Gaye
Biology Gong
Wellness Griffin
Sociology Gunn
Chemistry Haidar
Art Hall
Economic A. Harris
SPED Harris
English Hatchel
World History Havrda
Algebra I Hawthorne
Vocal Music Holmesross
SPED Ibrahim
SPED Johnson
Gym D. Jones
Gym Q. Jones
English Klunder
ESL Kuntzman
Biology Levy
History Loden
Piano Love
Algebra Manning
PE Marshall
Physics Medina
English Miah
SPED Morgan
History Muhammad
ESL Musashe
English Naylor
Computer Application Nelson
Foreign Language Pagui
Writing Paine
English Payne
English Pegues-Woods
Personal Finance Perry
Algebra C. Peterson- Kilgore
Algebra T.Peterson
Science Ritter
ESL Santa Maria
Algebra  Santiago
US History H. Smith
ESL Smith-Worsham
English Swan
SPED Tatum
Math Taylor
French Toutio
ESL Walker
Art Watson
SPED Westmoreland
PLC Coach Lois Johnson
PLC Coach Margaret Williams
9th Grade Counselor D. Jackson
10th Grade Counselor Mr. Love
11th Grade Counselor C. Williams
                                12th Grade Counselor M. Adair
Family Specialist Precious Chapman
Family Resource C. Sutton
Media Specialist LaTonya Taylor
Fin. Secretary Tameka Hudson
Clerical Asst Ayanna Humphery
Clerical Asst Teresa Linzy
Clerical Asst Camesha Couch
Clerical Asst Barbara Gathright
Technology Asst Loretta Cooper
Technology Asst Catrina Smith
Translator Mayra Orive
Translator Amida Watts
Cafeteria E. Green
Building Engineer Jackson




Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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