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Lucie E. Campbell Elementary

Faculty & Staff Members

Office & Administration
Principal- Mr. Jaron K. Carson
Assistant Principal- Ms. LaTosha Wiseman

PLC Coach- Ms. Perry

GOS- Ms. Leahman

Financial Secretary- Mrs. Whitehead

Instructional Facilitator- Mr. Gee
Family Engagement Specialist- Mrs. Holloway
Pre-K  Teachers
Pre-K01- Ms. Thompson
Pre-K02- Ms. Eulls
Pre-K03 (SPED)  Mrs. Woods
Kindergarten Teachers
KK-01 Mrs. Alexander
KK-02 Mrs. Igleharte
KK-03 Ms. Smith
1st Grade Teachers
1-01 Ms. Boatman
1-02 Ms. Wilson
1-03 Ms. Withers
2nd Grade Teachers
2-01 Mrs. Lee
2-02 Ms. Horton
2-02 Mrs. Houston
2-04 Mrs. Glover-Dunn
3rd Grade Teachers
3-01 Ms. Weaver
3-02 Ms. Jones
3-03 Ms. Young
3-04  Ms. Hall
4th Grade Teachers
4-01 Mrs. Malone
4-02 Mrs. Matthews
4-03 Ms. McCoy
4-04 Ms. Davis
5th Grade Teachers
5-01 Mrs. Barham
5-02 Mrs. Boyce
5-03 Ms. Smith
5-04 Ms. Carter
P. E.-  Mr. Walton
Gudiance- Ms.Armstrong
Music- Ms. Byrd
Art- Ms. Spight
Library- Mrs. Holt
Speech Pathologist- Ms. Rudd
AFS SPED K-2- Ms. Harris
AFS SPED 3-5- Mrs. Blair
Functional Skills K-2 - Ms. Jones-Bogard
Functional Skills 3 - 5 -  Ms. Geiggar

Resource- Ms. Cleveland

Resource-Ms. Houston
Computer Technology- Ms. Jones
Teacher Assistants
Ms. Hines Ms. Heard
Ms. Dotson Ms. Fondren
Ms. Guffin Ms. Hendree
Ms. Itson Ms. Jones-Martin
Ms. Leahman Ms. Sykes-Beaty
Ms. Walker  
Nursing Staff
Mrs. Hill, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Arnett,  & Ms. Hamilton
Cafeteria Manager: Ms. Jones   Plant Manager: Mr. Johnson











Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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