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Nutrition Advisory Council

The Manor Lake Nutrition Advisory Council strives to make the cafeteria an appealing yet enjoyable area for students and staff to enjoy high quality, attractive and palitable meals. For many students the meals received at school are the only source of nutrition they receive daily. The committee also strives to ensure that the cafeteria is clean, attractive and fosters a learning environment to ensure that students make nutritionally sound choices.



Mrs Perry, Nutritional Services Manager, and Ms. Vanessa Harris, server make the "Eagles' Nest" a plesant dining experience every day.


    ***Council members: Mrs. Winfrey, Mrs. Lott, Ms. Hardin, Mrs. Martin and Ms. Neal***

Mrs. Winfrey, Ms. Hardin, and Mrs. Martin greet the children each morning for breakfast. They ensure that the students realize its importance in their everyday lives. Ms. Neal and Ms. Lott create appealing bulletin boards for every season to enhance the atmosphere of the cafeteria. Mrs. Martin, Ms. Neal and Mrs. Lott monitor the cafeteria during all meals. They also guide the students in making proper nutritional choices.

Mrs. Winfrey selects certain students each week to help with varioud duties in the cafeteria. A specific

schedule is maintained and executed each week. Students learn the importance of a clean environment.

Media Specialist, Mrs. J. Thomas and parent Mrs. L. Tate are responsible for all cafeteria publicity and events.
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