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Computer Science

Todd, Darla     

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CAPA Department

Hooper, Jami

Huddleston, Jeffrey

Marszalek, Shannon

Moore, Michael

Mosby, Michael

Negray, Chelsea

Odum, Detrina

Piecuch, Chris

Stewart, Lisa

Weil, James

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Hooper Calendar

Huddleston Calendar

Marszalek Calendar
Moore Calendar

Mosby Calendar

Negray Calendar

Odum Calendar

Piecuch, Chris

Stewart Calendar

Weil Calendar









Morgan, Brooke

Osman, Ramla

Tipton, Ashley

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Morgan Calendar

Tipton Calendar

Educational Assistants

Bailey, Patricia

Cleaves, LaShonda

Dye, Stanley

Harris, Stephanie

Johnson, Evonne

Jones, Kerah

Parrish, Joel

Patrick, Triniece

Bland-Smith, Ava

Watkins, Walter


Allen, James

Bosworth, Landry

Ellis, David

Gengenbach, Lee

Henry, Kertrina

King, Janice

Marsh, Jessa

McFadden, Chiquita

Owens, Pat

Smith, Cassandra


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Allen Calendar

Bosworth Calendar

Ellis Calendar

Gengenbach Calendar

Henry Calendar

King Calendar

Marsh Calendar

McFadden Calendar

Owens Calendar

Smith Calendar


Exceptional Children

Booker, Gwen

Britten, Barbara

Hankins, Karla

McDonald, Amy

McDonough, Heather

Moore, Laurie

Moore-McKinley. Pamela

Steward, Willie
Yow, Jackie

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Booker, Gwen

Britten Calendar
Hankins Calendar

McDonald Calendar
McDonough Calendar

Moore Calendar

Moore-McKinley Calendar

Steward Calendar

Yow Calendar

Foreign Language

Gray, Patricia

Haeger, Dana

Jara, Maria

Kissi, Koffi

McBee, Tina

Morgan, Cassandra


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Gray Calendar

Haeger Calendar

Jara Calendar
Kissi Calendar

McBee Calendar

Morgan Calendar


Johnson, Dariel

Williams, Frederick

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Johnson Calendar

Williams Calendar

Library Media Center

Donald, Pamela

Jones, Glenda

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Donald Calendar
Jones Calendar

Lifetime Wellness

Bercier, Steve

Brent, Eric

Copeland, Ronnie

Davis, James

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Bercier Calendar

Brent Calendar

Copeland Calendar

Davis Calendar


Aku, Michael

Albert, Mary

Cook, Marijo

Gallimore, Melinda

Hardaway, Tessera

Hobbs, Justin

Park, Geoffrey

Smith, James

West, Kimberly

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Aku Calendar
Albert Calendar
Cook Calendar
Gallimore Calendar
Hardaway Calendar
Hobbs Calendar
Park Calendar
Smith Calendar
West Calendar


Anderson, Jon

Coleman, Angela

Garrett, Karen

Lee, Stein

Mabry, Linda

Mitchell, Lisa

Steward, Jessica

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Anderson Calendar

Coleman Calendar

Garrett Calendar

Lee Calendar
Mabry Calendar

Mitchell Calendar

Steward Calendar

Social Studies

Anito, Kelsey

Armstrong, Egypt

Chandler, Charles

Clawson, Gray

Haynes, Pamela

Jones, Matthew

Kamery, Rob

McIntosh, Mary

Snow, Norman

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Anito Calendar

Armstrong Calendar

Chandler Calendar

Clawson Calendar

Haynes Calendar
Jones Calendar

Kamery Calendar

McIntosh Calendar
Snow Calendar


Ms. Armstrong's Class Site


Secretarial Staff

Boykins, Sylvia

Freeman, Angela

Myers, Sheryl

Parrish, Pam

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Vocational Department

Bell, Stan

Hoots, Michael

Stokes, John


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Bell Calendar

Hoots Calendar
Stokes Calendar




Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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