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Arts and Craft Sites

Crayons and Computers offers ideas for teaching ways to use art in your classroom.

Artchive gives great information on all artists of all times.

Activity Cupboard has a great selection of crafts arranged by topics. This is a great place for those who love to do crafts with children.

Aunt Annie's Crafts takes the craft how-to book one step further by putting it on the computer and taking advantage of the flexibility that the computer offers. There are crafts for all seasons as well as projects, stories, poems, ideas, facts and pure fun.

Back to School Crafts (sometimes this site needs to be used in Netscape)

Crafts for Kids has enough craft ideas to keep you going for a year full of exciting crafts.

Crayola has a great website full of fun things to learn.

Enchanted Learning Crafts is GREAT.

Coloring Pages on the Web: Be sure to be patient with these sites. Some take a long time to load, but they are great fun for young children.

bullet Ivy's Coloring Pages
bullet Kendra's Coloring Book
bullet NASA Coloring Pages

Online Learn How to Draw Pages: These are great sites to teach children how to draw.

bullet Weekly Draw Lesson
bullet Learn How to Draw with Bob Weber
bullet How to Draw Cartoons
bullet Learn to Draw