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Have you ever looked closely at a bed of flowers and discovered a hovering bee? Actually, honeybees are social insects that are very important to the life of a flower. Not only do they pollinate flowering plants, they also provide us with honey. Check out this web lesson to learn more about the life and importance of honeybees.

  1. Why do honeybee keepers always have a European honeybee in their hives?
  2. Three types of honeybees live in a colony. Explain their jobs in the colony.
  3. Is there one that might be more important than the rest? Why do you think so?
  4. Compare and contrast the jobs of the three types of bees.
  5. What makes the sounds we hear when bees are flying around us?
  6. If you were a bee, which type bee would you like to be? Describe the life cycle you would have in that role?

Click below for your online resource.

Honeybee Facts

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  1. From what do the honeybees get the nectar to make honey?
  2. Why do honeybees have two stomachs?
  3. Why do you think the honeybees have to visit so many flowering plants to fill their "honey stomachs"?
  4. How do the bees change the nectar from a complex sugar into a simple sugar?
  5. What happens while the nectar is spread throughout the honeycomb?

Click below to learn about making honey.

How Do Bees Make Honey ?

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Enchanted Learning provides a great bee diagram that labels all the parts of the bee.

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