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strongman lifting weightGetting To Know Your Body

  The human body is a complex arrangement of separate parts. Each part performs its own specific task, yet each is dependent on the other to maintain one unique living being: YOU. Learning about the human body and how it works also helps us examine ourselves and the world around us. When we examine the human body, we find that there are differences that make each person unique and special. However, the basic truth is that we are more alike than we are different. Body systems help the body remain alive. The skin protects the body; the body obtains oxygen through the respiratory system; the digestive system processes food so it can be used for energy and growth; the heart and blood vessels circulate oxygen and other substances through the body; the kidneys eliminate waste materials; and the reproductive system produces offspring. Together the nervous system and endocrine system form a command system that links all of the other body systems. Come and take a look some of the body systems. It will be an enjoyable adventure.

The human body is an amazing machine. Let's look at some fun sites and get some information about how some of the body's systems function.

Read through the following questions to get an idea about what is expected from your web lesson.

1. What helps the heart pump blood through a network of blood vessels?
2. The left side of the heart sends out oxygen-rich blood to nourish the body through blood vessels. What are these called?
3. Blood is sent from the right side of the heart to the lungs to receive what?
4. After the body uses the blood it requires, it sends oxygen-poor blood to the right side of the heart called?
5. Write in your own words a description of what happens after the oxygen-poor blood returns to the right side of the heart.
6. What causes your blood to become "oxygen-poor"?
7. Have you ever thought about the sound of your heartbeat? Explain what causes your heartbeat to go "lub-dub" .

Locate the following site. Answer the above questions by clicking on "heart". The first 4 pages are all about the heart, then you will learn about the circulatory system. Read to learn!


Read through the next set of questions before going to the next system.

1. 40% of your body's weight is muscle. List the three types of muscles.
2. What type of muscles make up the arm? List the muscles that make up the arm.
3. Explain what tendons are.
4. Electrical impulses are sent to the muscle telling it what to do. Which system sends these impulses?

Locate the following site. Answer the above questions by clicking on "muscles". Read the whole selection - there is a lot to learn.


Read through the next set of questions. Then check out the site to find the answers to your questions about coughs, sneezes and hiccups.

1. In your own words explain why we cough.
2. Why do we sneeze?
3. What does your diaphragm have to do with hiccups?

Locate the following site. Answer the above questions by clicking on " lungs ".Be sure to work your way to the end and look at the great movie clip on how the lungs work.


Look for the answers to these questions when you go to the digestive system. What happens when you eat an apple? Take a look at this site and find out. You might be surprised.

1. Which organ produces bile?
2. What happens to bile in the digestive system?
3. What is the function of bile?

Click on "The Digestive System". Don't miss a page. There is a lot to learn.


Be sure your name is on your paper.
We hope you have enjoyed your web adventure.Try investigating the rest of your body parts on your own. I am certain you will find out some interesting things about yourself. Enjoy learning!

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