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Come and read a book with us!

These sites have terrific resources for you to use whether or not you use the book series. Check them out for great resources in your room.

Glencoe/McGraw Hill publishing company provides educational games to enhance the use of their books. There are games available on line for all subject areas for grades 6 - 12 that are helpful whether you are using their texts or not.

Houghton Mifflin's Education Place is a must to visit. Education Place has won many awards and is a highly interactive site for students and offers teachers instructional materials and other useful information. The site has many activities for Reading, Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. Don't miss the graphic organizer site.

McDougal-Littell has quite a good site. Check out the language arts site and try your hand at the weekly brain teaser.

McGraw-Hill While you're visiting this Web site, explore this Web-based teaching resources in reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies, and professional development. You can also discover what's new, learn about products, get acquainted with McGraw-Hill School Interactive, and scan conference announcements.

Saxon Publishers offers some great online games for your students along with some internet excursions that are wonderful. Come and visit with your children.

Scott Foresman has some great spelling, social studies, and math resources. Check out the teacher resources for some good lesson ideas.

Steck Vaughn is a great site with ideas and activities for teachers, students, parents, and other adults.