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Brain Teasers

Think! Think! Think!

Test your brain and see if you can figure out these brain twisters, optical illusions, word puzzles, etc. 

Just want to know how the brain works? Try these links:


Brain Connection


National Institute of Mental Health

Try Barry Clarke's advanced word puzzles.

Bill's Brain Teasers has some great word puzzles to help you think creatively.

Brain Vista has put together an interesting set of word, logic and thinking puzzles.

The Discovery School network has some brain boosters. Some are elementary, but you should be able to find some that will be challenging or at least fun to re-explore your brain functions.

Eye Tricks will help boost your brain as you figure out the illusions.

Games Central offers tangrams, patterns, mazes, and much more.

Why not try your geometry ability at Geometry Problem of the Week.

Grey Labyrinth has puzzles, optical illusions, word problems and more. 

Logic Squares depends on logic and word dexterity. You really have to be good to successfully complete these.

Try the Math Puzzle page.

The NIEHS offers a few fun teasers.

Try these optical illusions and see if you can figure out real from imagery.

Say What You See has some simple mind puzzles using words..

Syvum has some teasers with an IQ link. There is a link to some word puzzles that are rated easy through challenging.

Teacher Net has collected some great teasers.