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Resources to help learn about China

China Source: Tajik People - learn about this Chinese group that is ethnically related to the Tajiks of Tajikistan.

Flags of China - see the current flag, learn the significance of its colors, and read the history behind the previous flags.

Virtual Tour of China - go on a virtual tour and join educators as they learn about the geography, culture, and history of China.

China Today - information and current news about China and its culture.

Chinese New Year Info - learn about the traditions of the holiday and the lantern festival. Includes traditional new year foods, decorations, and taboos.

What are the principal religions of China?

Virtual China - pictures of people, buildings, and nature from different cities and regions in China.

Christmas In China - learn about China's unique Christmas customs.

Embassy of China

China - A Country Study

NOVA Online - Mysterious Mummies of China - get "wrapped up" in this site that peers back in history for a view of a perfectly preserved 3,000- year-old mummy and examines the science of mummification and the evolution of modern language.

Nixon's China Game - explore the relationship between the United States and China during Nixon's Presidency and beyond. Includes maps, timelines, and biographical info. From PBS American Experience.

Walk the Great Wall of China - see the Simatai section of the Great Wall of China through black and white photos and 360 degree Java panoramas.

Edible Journey Through China - follow Mr. Wong on this culinary tour of China. Learn about Chinese cooking methods and utensils, different types of regional cuisine, and the history of Chinese food.

Mountain Voices  - read interviews with hundreds of people from mountain regions around the world. Learn about life in Kenya, Pakistan, China, and Nepal.

Secrets of Lost Empires  - NOVA crews examine amazing feats of ancient engineers and architects including  medieval war machines, Egyptian obelisks, the Easter Island stone monoliths, Roman baths, and rainbow bridges of ancient China.

Let's Go!: Around the World  - explore the Amazon rain forest, Africa, China, the Galapagos Islands and the Arctic. Learn about the animals and people who live there.

Six Billion and Beyond  - watch the population grow before your eyes! You can compare how countries such as Mexico, China, Kenya, and the USA are handling booming growth on this PBS site.

Ancient Civilizations Virtual Museum  - learn about the ancient civilizations of China, Canaan, India, Mesopotamia, the Maya, and Africa at this excellent site done by sixth graders at the William Penn Charter School.

Red Panda Pages  - all about this small panda from China, its biology, news and reports, husbandry, and statistics. Watch video clips of these animals or check out the image gallery for pictures.

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