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Teachers, parents, and students will find the information at these sites to be very beneficial as we help students deal with difficult issues. Visit these sites and stay long enough to learn what you need to learn to help yourself or a friend. If you would like to reach our counselor, please email Ms. Myrtle Malone, Counselor

Psychology Violence Special Needs
Substance Abuse Stress Parenting

Psychology Sites:

American Psychological Association Raising Children to Resist Violence: What You Can Do Information is designed to help parents work within the family, school, and community to prevent and reduce youth violence.

Kids Psych has developed a great page that helps children understand themselves and others.

School Psychology Resources has information on all types of parental concerns.

Help Eliminate Violence:

About answers questions on how to talk to your children.

The site "Out on a Limb" is an interactive site for children to help children learn how to get along.

How Therapy Helps

American Association of Child Psychology has a selection of sites to help in times of disaster.

Warning Signs of Teen Violence is a guide from the American Psychology Association and MTV to help youth recognize the warning signs of violent behavior.

Study on Family Violence Report details the kind of families most at risk.

Youth Violence is a simplistic answer to a complex problem.

Facts About Family Violence

Keys to Healthy Relationships

What Makes Kids CARE? - This article explains how to teach gentleness in a violent world.

What do children learn from violence on television? What can parents do?

Violence in childhood can lead to violence in adulthood.

Are some children just prone to violence?

Potential Warning Signs for Violence in Children

What is the nature and motivation of hate crimes?

Help is here for teenagers who are experiencing abuse and violence in their relationships.

Violence on television affects children negatively: Children and Television Violence

Help with Special Needs Children:

IRSC's Page on Attention Deficit Disorder is a terrific listing of sites to get help for children with this disorder as well as ADHD links. This is a good place for parents and teachers to sit and read.

Internet Resources for Special Children is a web site dedicated to children with disabilities of all types. Down Syndrome, Speech disorders, mental retardation and many more sets of links to support people that help children with these disabilities.

Diagnosing Autism Early   If researchers can learn how to diagnose autism early, they may be able to design interventions that detail the disorder before it develops.

You Can Handle Them All provides help with all the different discipline problems you are asked to handle in the classroom.

Substance Abuse:

Drug Awareness Connection is a link to a web lesson on our homepage. Check it out to learn how to choose to stay drug free.

needed to help prevent child abuse.

Substance Abuse Education is a very informative site from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Friends of Narconon is a very informative site to help find out the truth about drugs and how to help children make drug-free choices.

Is smoking in your genes?

Managing Stress:

Despite believing in active approaches to sibling conflict, when squabbling starts, most parents do not intervene.

Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips are offered for recovering from disasters and other traumatic events.

How can you cope with the aftermath of a disaster?

How to find help for life's problems: How can you tell if it is time to ask for help?

The teen years pose some of the most difficult challenges for families.

Our links to dealing with tragedy may help explain difficult situations in the world today.

Check this out for ideas to cope with Holiday Stress.

Listed here are interventions that work for stepfamilies.

Read the parent's guide for assisting teens through trama and loss.

Great Parenting Sites:

Check our special parents page.

How can parents develop their children's good behavior at a young age? Raising Kids in the '90's

Single Parenting and Today's Family

Summer Camp Blues: Help your children cope with their first sleep-away camp experience.

Sports lift esteem in young athletes.

Check this site to get tips to manage the fear.

Middle School Malaise

Is it depression?

Stop teenage pregnancy.

Should youths be charged as adults? Issues pertaining to juvenile law are discussed here.

Learning positive discipline strategies and teaching social skills makes a big difference for children at risk.

Do parents have any important long-term effects on the development of their children's personality?

Learn how to keep school yards safe from bullies.

Check this link if you need child day care.

How do psychologists define school phobia?

School phobias hold many children back. It takes a team effort to help children overcome fear of school.

This site discusses the difficulties children face when they move from elementary to middle school.

This will be a helpful site if children don't bond with parents.

Children can excel when they learn from their mistakes.

Check out this site to learn methods that parents can use to help their children to learn.

Learn to control your anger before it controls you!

The parents' role is critical to children's learning. This site offers some key ideas to help in this area.

Some critics think that TV may be the best way for children to learn the news.

Consistent parenting helps children to regulate emotions.

Parental education can prevent drug use by children.

Safe offers information on how to stay safe when on the internet. This gives important tips on how to safely search the web.

Career Information gives great information for young people looking toward the future and what they would like to become.

Children's Defense Fund was created to help inform all people about the issues that concern children and their right to a safe, healthy start to life.

Are children harmed by working Moms?

Child Abuse Prevention Network is a site that provides several good sites that give the information