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circulation systemDrugs and You: The Choice is Yours

In recent years drug abuse has been increasing at a rapid rate in the United States and throughout the world. The practice occurs most among young people who are looking for new sensations or who hope drugs will increase their mental functioning or their abilities to understand themselves.

Many young people have experimented with drugs because they were told not to. While people are growing up, they want to be independent, to make their own decisions. They do not like to be told what to do, and they are likely to disobey their parents or teachers just to be rebellious. But the use of drugs does not make young people more grown up or change the opinions of older people. It only damages those who take them.

One very common excuse for taking drugs is, ''All my friends take drugs, and I want to be with them and do what they are doing.'' This problem is a hard one to solve, especially in communities where drugs are plentiful. Everyone wants to have friends and do what their friends are doing. Many young people have found themselves cut off from their friends because they did not want to take drugs.

But in a situation like this young people have to be strong and stand up for what they know to be the wisest course of action. Knowing the facts about drugs helps them choose this course of action.

Planet Know has information you should consider when making choices about drugs and their harmful effects on your mind and body. Read these facts and consider them carefully. Think about the information that is being provided for you.

1. What are some reasons that people choose to use drugs?
2. Why would you choose not to use drugs? Write a short paragraph about what would influence your choice.
3. Think about the illegal sale of drugs. Why do you think people sell drugs to other people? Can you think of reasons that illegal drugs should not be sold?
4. Imagine that one of your friends was approached about using illegal drugs. What facts could you use to convince that person not to try drugs.
5. What would be YOUR reason for choosing to be drug free?
6. After reading through this site and thinking about the choice to use drugs or not to use drugs, write a rap or a poem convincing people to make the choice to not try drugs.

Locate the following site to answer the above questions:

Planet Know 411 Information There are five sections that you need to read: Marjuana, Inhalants, Heroin, Hallucinogens, and Cocaine. Use this information to help you answer the above questions.

You may use any of the following additional sites that will be useful in studying this subject:

Do it Now Foundation Publications on line. Just click on the article you want to read and click "Go There". You can even get a printed copy by using Adobe Reader.

The Facts about Crystal Meth

Drug Proofing the Family

Drug Crossword Puzzle After you have completed all the readings above, you are well prepared to successfully complete this crossword puzzle. Just print, complete, and then check your answers.

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