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French Websites

E.L. Easton provides links for every aspect of learning the French language.

Enchanted Learning has an excellent site for the French language. Check it out!

First Year French Resources has information to help teachers, students, and parents learn their new language.

French Language Course is written to help learn the language. Some spots have audio to help with pronunciation.

French 101 from has a great set of resources for the beginning French student. Not a beginner?? Try the intermediate and advanced section links found on the left side of the page.

This French site is well divided to  help find information on the topic you need.

Try the French Lessons site. The site provides tutorials as well as exercises and tests.

Take a virtual tour of the Louvre.

The French Tutorial website is a good source of information.

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links is a site that gives French links for the language, art, history, literature and more.

Need help translating French verbs? Try Verbix.