Higher Thinking Skills Peabody Elementary Teacher Sites
The skills demonstrated at this level are
bullet observation and recall of information
bullet knowledge of dates, events, and places
bullet knowledge of major ideas
bullet mastery of subject matter

Use these question cues:

List Define Tell Describe Identify
Show Label Collect Examine Tabulate
Quote Name Who When Where

These are some great ideas for activities that will develop this knowledge level of thinking. Try them with the next story or chapter that you have your students read. Remember that this is the basic knowledge level, you will be sure there is success at this level if the students can complete these activities.

List main characteristics for each of the main characters.
Match character names with pictures of the characters.
Identify the main characters in a crossword puzzle.
Arrange scrambled story pictures in sequential order.
Recall details about the setting by creating a picture of where a part of the story took place.
Match statements with the characters who said them.
Arrange scrambled story sentences in sequential order.

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