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Application Level

The skills demonstrated at this level are:


use information


use methods, concepts, theories in new situations


solve problems using required skills or knowledge

Use these question cues:

Apply Demonstrate Calculate Complete
Illustrate Show Solve Examine
Modify Relate Change Classify

These are some great ideas for activities that will develop the application level of thinking. Try them with the next story or chapter that you have your students read. This level provides the child with an opportunity to use information from the story in a new way. Try these!

Classify the characters as human, animal, or thing.
Transfer a main character to a new setting.
Make finger puppets and act out a part of the story.
Select a meal one of the characters would enjoy, plan a menu, and explain why you chose what you did.
Think of a situation that occurred to a character and write how you would have handled it differently.
Give examples of people the child knows who have the same problems as the characters in the story.

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