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Analysis Level

The skills demonstrated at this level are:


seeing patterns


organization of part


recognition of hidden meanings


identification of components

Use these question cues:

Analyze Explain Arrange Select
Separate Connect Divide Infer
Order Classify Compare Debate

These are some great ideas for activities that will develop this analysis level of thinking. They will provide the child with an opportunity to take parts of the story and examine them to better understand the whole story. Try these ideas.

Identify general characteristics (main or implied) of the main characters.
Distinguish what could happen from what couldn't happen in the story in real life.
Select parts of the story that were funniest, saddest, happiest, and most unbelievable.
Differentiate fact from opinion.
Compare and/or contrast two of the main characters.
Select an action of a main character that was exactly the same as something the child would have done.

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