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Synthesis Level

The skills demonstrated at this level are:


generalize from given facts


relate knowledge from several areas


predict, draw conclusions


use old ideas to create new ones

Use these question cues:

Combine Rearrange Create What if? Rewrite
Integrate Substitute Design Compose Prepare
Modify Plan Invent Formulate Generalize

These are some great ideas for activities that will develop this synthesis level of thinking. They will provide the child with an opportunity to put parts from the story together in a new way to formulate a new idea or invent a new product. Try these ideas.

Create a story from just the title before the story is read. Use this as a pre-reading exercise.
Rewrite several new titles for the story.
Advertise the story on a poster to make people want to read it.
Restructure the roles of the main characters to create new outcomes in the story.
Imagine that you are the main character and write a diary account of your daily thoughts and activities.
Create an original character and weave him/her into the existing story.
Write the lyrics and music to a song that one of the characters would have sung and perform it.

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