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Evaluation Level

The skills demonstrated at this level are:


assess value of theories


make choices based on reasoned arguments


verify value of evidence


recognize subjectivity


compare and discriminate between ideas

Use these question cues:

Assess Grade Recommend Judge
Decide Test Convince Support
Rank Measure Select Conclude

These are some great ideas for activities that will develop this evaluation level of thinking. They will provide the child with an opportunity to form and present an opinion backed up by sound reasoning. Try these on your students.

Decide which character in the story you would most like to spend a day with and why
Judge whether or not a character should have acted as they did.
Decide if the story really could have happened and justify why.
Consider how this story can help the child in his or her own life
Appraise the value of the story.
Compare this story with another one the child has read.
Write a recommendation as to why the book should be read by others or not.

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