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Resources to help learn about Japan

JapanNOVA: Japan's Secret Garden  - see a year in the life of wildlife and people around Lake Biwa, Japan.

Japan 2001  - check out this celebration of Japanese culture in events across the UK. Find out where displays of the bullet train, samurais, Pokemon, and other exhibits are.

Usu and Toya, Hokkaido, Japan  - learn about this volcanic region in Japan.

Roger & Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo, Japan  - this fantastic site is about as realistic as you can get without going to Japan yourself! Lots of pictures, maps, and other information make you feel like you're on the trip with them.

Japan Karate Association  - includes a definition of karate, its history, photos, news, and more.

Edo Japan: A Virtual Tour  - learn all about the government, economy, and social life of ancient Toyko through paintings and facts.

Japan: The Founding Myth  - read about the divine beginnings of the Japanese rulers and how the country was formed.

Folklore and Mythology Oono Elementary School Japan  - get information about this grades 1-6 school in Japan, and communicate with its students and teachers in English.

Japan's Winter Wildlife  - meet the amazing creatures that live in Japan's cold northern regions, and learn how they manage to survive in the harsh climate. See a map and photographs of the area and its wildlife. From National Geographic.

Japanese Friendship Garden - San Jose  - learn about this garden that serves as a symbol of the sister city relationship between Okayama in Japan and San Jose, California.

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