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Resources to help learn about Kenya

KenyaGORP: Amboseli National Park  - read about the national park that is found at the base Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. 

Kenya Parks

Kenya Birds  - find out about all the different birds that live in Kenya, where to see them, and more.

Mountain Voices  - read interviews with hundreds of people from mountain regions around the world. Learn about  life in Kenya, Pakistan, China, and Nepal.

Useful Swahili Words  - learn words and phrases in this national language, also known as Kiswahili, spoken inKenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Six Billion and Beyond  - watch the population grow before your eyes! You can compare how countries such as Mexico, China, Kenya, and the USA are handling booming growth on this PBS site.

Kenya  - get information on the people, geography, government, economy, and much more from the CIA World Factbook.

Norman Myers' Wildlife Photography from Kenya  - check out cool black and white photos of animals that live in Kenya.

Enduring Spirit - Kenya and Ethiopia  - see portraits and learn about the tribes of the Northern Frontier district in Kenya and the Southern Omo region of Ethiopia.

Flag of Kenya  - from the Flags of the World site.

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