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We want to learn all we can about Korea. Try searching these websites to learn the similarities and differences between our countries and our way of life.

This link to the CIA's World Factbook will give you insight about the country of South Korea.

This link takes you to Discovery School to find out about the Korean War.

Take a look at the flag of North Korea from the Interactive World Fact Book. Then compare it to the flag of South Korea shown at the Flags of the World site.

Korean American Museum shows exhibits and programs featuring Korean American history and culture.

Korean Kids Page is an interactive Korean folk tales page with adorable animations and narration. Download stories and play with games and coloring books. This page takes a while to load, but is worth the wait.

Korea Today will help you learn about the people, language, and history of Korea, as well as facts about their national flag, anthem, and flower.

This is a map of North Korea. You should see an icon in the lower right corner that will allow you to click and enlarge the map. Here is the map of South Korea that will do the same.

Memphis in May is the official site for this year's celebration.

Memphis Travel will help you see what our city has to offer visitors that come for this event.

New Year's Day in Korea will help you learn how the solar and lunar new year is celebrated in Korea.

PBS Online: Hidden Korea  explores the country's geography, history, culture, religion, and more on this PBS site.

Secret of Korean Food is a site that will let you check out the characteristics of Korean food, find some recipes, and discover why kimchi is so hot!

Learn about the flag and more important facts about South Korea at Enchanted Learning.