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Sites for Language Arts

Read to Learn

Here are some language arts sites that will increase your language skills.

Alphabet Action uses a game format to help students with learning the alphabet.

Aesop's Fables is an online collection of these writings.

Between the Lions is a great site that has 30 online stories to read to the children. Each story has games and questions to answer about each story.

Bill's Brainteasers page has a great collection of brain work that will keep you thinking.

Candlelight Stories is a terrific site that has stories, vocabulary games, and great kids' games.

Diagramming Sentences is a great site to check out where everything belongs in a sentence diagram. is just what it says...a dictionary on line.

Eduplace is the site from Houghton Mifflin that provides great ideas for children.

ESL Quiz Center gives you practice on grammar, history, writing skills, and much more. Just answer the questions and submit your responses for immediate grading on-line.

Grammar 101 is an online grammar course for students from middle school through high school. You can try it free for 7 days, but then there is a charge.

Don't miss reading Grandpa Tucker's poems to see how much fun poetry can be!

Interactive English Language Exercises gives the students six sets of exercises in language skills. The exercises are critically graded and give reasons for the grades. This is great a site!

Merriam Webster has great games to expand your vocabulary.

Try this link for some online reading quizzes.

Do you really know your phonics?

SelfStudy Quizzes will provide all types of helpful language exercises.

Starfall has great online activities that will help with all the areas of language.

Vocabulary Word Studies or has some off and online exercises.

Words and Pictures has great games for emerging readers.

Writing Den is a terrific page to help with reading for comprehension as well as writing. There are many topics from which to choose....nature, history, science and more. Quiz yourself to see how well you comprehend what was read.