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Language Arts Sites for Teachers

Grab a book and read.

ABC's of Writing has information for each of the five steps of the writing process. has a wealth of information for all areas of language arts.

Absolutely Whootie is a great site for stories to read to the students in your class. There are lesson plans to go with the stories as well. "Whooo" could ask for more?"

Book Report Ideas will give you more ideas than you could ever use!

Children's Haiku Garden is a great site to help children learn the basics of writing haikus.

Children's Storybooks Online has online books poems, rhymes, and riddles for children of all ages.

Diagramming Sentences is a great site to check out where everything belongs in a sentence diagram.

Help with discipline can be found at "I Love Teaching."

Dolch Word List

English Excercises Online has some great resources.

Five Paragraph Essay is a great teaching site for the writing process.

Global Schoolhouse provides links to writing and reading resources.

Grammar for English Language Learners has a collection of online sites to help learn the basics of our language. This will help ESL students and the common problems each of us finds in the regular classroom.

Grammar Gorillas is one of the games from the Fun Brain website. The game helps students identify parts of speech.

Online Children's Stories is a part of the Children's Literature Web Guide. You will find story, myth, legend, and classics online.

Online Language Arts Games:

Scramblesaurus Homonymn Help Word Turtle
Grammar Rock Primary Games Hiyah

Peak English gives you a placement test and then sets an account for you with your password so you can come and go as you learn. You can also find a great reference section at this site.

Reading/Language Arts Center is a part of the Houghton Mifflin site. This section provides help in spelling, vocabulary, and literature.

Reading Rainbow has ideas for activities to do with all the Reading Rainbow books that are on the show. It also has the winners of original stories' contest and their stories online.

Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics gives all the lyrics to those catchy tunes from the cartoon Schoolhouse Rocks. This may be the tune that will help your children learn these parts of speech.

Scott Foresman provides great research articles and information to create an atmosphere to foster reading.

Stone Soup has great stories on line that have been in the magazine for years. Check it out for some different approaches to interesting children in reading.

Vocabulary University helps you build that vocabulary at any level.

Word Detective is another game from Fun Brain website.

The Write Source is a great source for promoting writing. There are great story starters for children of all ages.

Writer's Workshop is a great tool to help teachers with writing tips and techniques. Take a look for some great information.

Writing Prompts and Journal Topics gives you 14 pages of ideas for story starters.