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Sites for Math

These sites will help you get your hands to go up!

Any of these sites can sharpen your math skills.

A+ Math is created with kids in mind. This colorful, interactive math site is educational as well as fun. Included on this site are flash cards, games, and a homework helper.

AAAMath is incredibly great. There is a game for every objective. Just choose the grade, objective, read the information, and press play.

BasketMath Interactive Learning is a great site to increase your math knowledge through games.

Cool Math has been designed for those who enjoy math. This site has a lot of cool stuff with links to other great math sites.

Flash Cards for Kids lets you practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can keep up with your score as you submit your answers.

Fraction Frenzy is a great game that strengthens your math skills in the fraction area.

Fun Brain. Com is an interactive site that lets you work on math and many more skills in a game format.

Illusions is a fantastic site to develop your math skills. Check out the Factors game.

Kids' Bank is a great place to learn about all the aspects of money and banking on a primary level.

Math Web is a "math problem solver" that allows you to pick the format of the problem and then see how the math web solves it for you.  This is part of the Discovery site.

Math Word Problems is a Think Quest site that is very well done.

Megamath is an incredible site for learning math operations and patterns and tricks to help with that learning. 

Quia! is a collection of games that provide a fun way to help students review a wide variety of topics. Visitors can create their own java-enabled flashcard drills. This is the math address, but be sure you check out the other areas of your curriculum.

Word Problems is a great site for 5th graders and higher to practice word problems.