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Try these sites to add an extra dimension to your teaching strategy. We are sure your students will enjoy the ideas you find.

Check out Everyday Math

150 Celebration Ideas for Math to celebrate the 100th day of school. You can even email your idea to share with everyone who visits the site.

A+ Math is a great interactive math site that provides flash cards, games, and a homework helper.

Cool Math provides math sites designed for those who enjoy math.

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics will help you when you forget the definitions of those math terms.

Educational Game Sites:

bullet Flashcards for Kids
bullet FunSchool
bullet A+ Math
bullet SBG Math
bullet Cool Math
bullet Mega Math

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Science and Math gives an exhaustive list of math and science sites.

Figure This is sponsored by the NCTM and will really help students think. Try this with your families.

Flashcards for Kids lets your children practice their math facts. Check it out for a good site for your students.

Frank Potter's Math Sites provide resources that are appropriate for your classrooms. Check them out! provides a wealth of great math challenges in a game format.

Hotlinked Tennessee Frameworks gives you direct links to lessons to support the Tennessee Curriculum Framework.

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Series has developed an online test prep to see if you are ready to move on to the next grade. This is a WONDERFUL tool.

bullet Grade One
bullet Grade Two
bullet Grade Three
bullet Grade Four
bullet Grade Five
bullet Grade Six

Hundreds of Math Lessons provides links to every math lesson you could ever need to meet those curriculum standards.

Math Den provides a wealth of practice on all math skills as well as tips for shortcuts to math computation. To register for a user name and password, go to the DEN 's homepage.

Math Web is a math problem solver that allows you to pick the format of the problem and then see how the math web solves it. Solves higher math problems and some everyday problems. is an exceptional site for math games, activities, and ideas for learning multiplication.

Scholastic's teacher page has a great list of word problems for math detectives. Math Maven's Mysteries

Plane Math is a great site put together by NASA for all types of math problems.

Search for Math on the Internet will help you find any and every math site you could ever need.

Scott Foresman's Math Surf provides brain teaser games in their math path link.

Where's George can track your money and let you see how it travels around the country.

Why be a Math Major? Check out this site from the University of Texas at El Paso and they will give you all the reasons you need to encourage a student to pursue a career in math.