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Peabody Parent Information Sites from Memphis City Schools:

Drug-Free Schools  (MCS Policy 6.307)


Family Ties Newsletter


Homeless Students  (MCS Policy 6.503)


Family Engagement Policy  (MCS Policy 4.502)


MCS Board Policies


PACE Calendar


State Mandated Zero Tolerance Offenses  (MCS Policy6.309)


Student Code of Conduct


Learn about Peabody by looking at the 2007 Report Card. When this link opens, choose Memphis and then Peabody for the individual school.


NCLB Information from MCS


Limited English Proficiency (MCS Policy # 4.207)


Parent Training Meetings


Parents' Right to Know


Safety and Security  (MCS Policy # 3.201)


Zero Tolerance Offenses  (MCS Policy # 6.309)


Attendance (MCS Policy # 6.200)



The US Department of Education has great information for all parents concerning their children. Don't miss the page specifically for parents.

Parent training meetings available through Memphis City Schools.

Health Related Issues

Ask Dr. Weil will answer all your health questions from A to Zinc. Answers concerning cholesterol, cancer, vitamins, weight loss, and everything in between can be found on this well-known doctor's page. Visit this site every day for a new question and answer session.

Discovery Health will give you all the information you need from fighting the flu to losing weight.

Drug Proofing the Family gives parents good reading material about children and choices about drugs. There is a lot of good reading material on this site.

Flu Season Help from Better Homes and Garden is available online.

Kids' Health. Org provides information about common illnesses and ways to prevent them, specific health conditions, behavior and development, nutrition, and more! Parenting always presents so many questions and so few readily accessible answers. This is a terrific site to help out with the answers you may need.

MediConsult provides information on over seventy different medical topics and conditions ranging from AIDS/HIV to breast cancer to spinal cord injury. Pick a topic from the pull-down menu and learn all you can.

Medline Plus is a great place to research your health problems.

Pharmaceutical Information 411 has a glossary of common explanation of medical and pharmacological terminology along with links if you want to know more. A good source of knowledge.

Self takes all of your physical fitness and health concerns and gives you great information on staying fit.

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Parenting Issues

700+ Great Sites When you visit this web site, you will be amazed at the wealth of sites for every need. Plan to stay for a while when you get here.

Back to School Tips from McGruff the crime fighting dog

Between the Lions is a tremendous site for ways to help your children read, write, and learn!

Am I right brained or left brained? Read this article to find the answer.

Family Fun When you visit this website, you can find different types of directions for crafts and family fun activities. The page takes you to several links that will encourage family togetherness.

Don't miss reading Grandpa Tucker's poems to your children.

Want to find out what makes a good school great? Check out the site called Great Schools and see what they say you can do to make Peabody the greatest school in Memphis!

Family Education is another family oriented link to educate the whole family. Check out their links for the grade levels to learn what your children should experience in those grades:

bullet Preschoolers through second grade
bullet Third grade through eighth grade
bullet High school through college prep

Focus on the Family provides great information on family life, child rearing, and just great insight for living. Check out this site.

Homework Spot has some great ideas to help parents with homework.

Parent Soup is a great parental resource. There are links for infants through teens, and even articles on divorce, anger management, and chat rooms for common problems.

Parents Guide to Cyberspace gives parents ideas for great cyber-links as well as ways to ensure the advanced technology is used for the child's good.

Parents Place is a great place to find answers on childrearing, parenting skills, nutrition, and many more. The site provides a search engine for their own site.

Spark Notes is a site that will help you or your children as they read and report on major novels from Silas Marner to To Kill a Mockingbird.

Universal Studios' page for young children takes you to a set of games with the favorite Universal Studio characters.

Join us at Peabody Elementary in the Watch DOGS program. Check their website for information about the purposes of the group.

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E-zines are the latest way to access your favorite magazine! If you can't find the printed copy, try this way. You will enjoy the convenience of this new technology.

 Better Homes and Gardens   Reader's Digest
Life Parents

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Help at Home gives information from Arts/Humanities to TV/Radio and everything in between.

Betty Crocker's Homepage Recipes, menus, shopping tips, holiday ideas, and what to do with leftover ingredients will be found at this site.

Blue Mountain Virtual Cards is a great place to send any type of virtual greeting. Check it out.

Business Resources.Com is a directory of Memphis-area job postings, financial services, commercial real estate, and many other links to national business web sites.

Clean Your Floor gives tips to keep those floors clean.

Home2School is published as a free site to all parents to give assistance educating their children. You will find parental tutorials, state objectives, examples of sample items, and much more.

The Innerbody allows you to explore the engineering marvel of the automobile. Learn how the combustion of gasoline enables us to get from one place to another. Automotive Learning On-line is a great training tool, or just a fun educational program to learn more about the car that is in your garage. The more you know, the better equipped you are when having that car serviced.

Learn the Net is a great site to get you started with mastering the web.

Jeff Campbell's Clean Team offers suggestions to make the time you spend cleaning your house more productive. Check out this site for some useful household cleaning tips.

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Information Sites

Bible Gateway is an online Bible search engine. If you need to know Bible verses in any language or from any of six versions of the Bible, this is the site for you.

Check Before You Buy A buyer's guide to many products.

Financial Peace is an online aid to helping you manage your money and gain control of your finances.

Get the Best Air Fare Tracks low airfares.

Or you can try any of these other travel related sites:

The Avis Gallery
Northwest Worldweb

Find all the government agencies you need at this one spot.

Shelby County Library Need help for a term paper or just information to help with the children's homework? This is a great resource for everyone.

The Ultimate White Pages is a centralized, fast, and common interface to six ways to find the phone numbers you may have lost or misplaced. You can even look up a number to find out its location!

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Want to do some searching of your own?
Here are some of our favorite search engines:

Alta Vista searches full-text, phrases, words within certain distances, and meta tags.

Ask Jeeves and Ask Jeeves for Kids is a great way to search by asking questions and letting the search engine pull out the important topic words.

Ask Scott helps you find the most appropriate Internet reference tool for your search. If you were looking up the definition of a word, you would use a dictionary and not an encyclopedia. Selection of an inappropriate searching tool can guarantee frustration and failure. By using Ask Scott, you will be directed to the best place to start your searching.

Go To is another search engine that has some presearched topics as well as your own searching capabilities.

Hot Bot searches full text also, but this engine has pull-down menus to select fields to be searched.

Yahoo is our favorite directory. It allows you to narrow your searches through the use of a hierarchical system.

Yahooligans is the same information; just geared to children.

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