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Reference Sites on the Web

Come learn on the Web!

These links will take you to sites that will help you and your students as you research on the web.

Awesome Library is exactly what the name implies! Check out this "awesome" reference site.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper "If you can't find it here, you just can't find it." This site was developed by 9 year old BJ and his dad. It has links to over 350 terrific sites, and has been awarded 63 Web Awards.

Chemical Elements is a user-friendly site that gives all the information that you need to help you understand the Periodic Table. This page was put together by an eighth grade student for a Science Fair Project. This is an outstanding page. Check it out! has a very easy to use great online dictionary.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online offers you complete access to the information you need for your research.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian provides this "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) page with an alphabetical listing of Smithsonian resources to research.

The Library of Congress offers outstanding library resources, references, and research tools. You will also find full text access to the current bills under consideration in the House of Representative and the Senate.

Library Spot is a complete reference site.

National Geographic is more than just a site for the magazine's followers. Click on the "archives" or "features index" links to find a myriad of information-rich articles to enrich your research.

Research Paper Writing Tips provides great information for preparing research papers.

Science Fair Central will answer all your science fair questions.

Virtual Thesaurus gives you just the right word for your project in a very exciting fashion.

Web Reference gives all the information you need concerning your computer or the web.

Windows to the Universe is sponsored by NASA and will answer every question imaginable about the universe. You could spend days here and find all the research needed for any space project.

World Book provides the entire encyclopedia at your disposal. This is incredible.

World Book Factbook was created by the CIA and is available to all with information on every country in the world. You will find up-to-date maps for each country and just as current information on each country.

XRefer is a very interesting resource tool. It will use your word in context and provide a link to a topic that further defines that word in context! This is a great site!

Yahooligans Almanac is a terrific place to look for young students.