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Science Sites

Let's learn about science!

Check out these science sites to boost your science knowledge.

The Challenge Zone This site gives students a choice of junior (elementary) or senior (middle school and high school) challenges.

Children's Butterfly Site provides all you ever wanted to know about butterflies and moths. There are some of the most beautiful photos of butterflies, coloring pages for children, and answers to frequently asked questions about butterflies.

Dr. Universe is a treasure chest of questions and answers. Come in and learn about everything and anything.

Earth Cam for Kids puts the world at your fingertips, or should we say keyboard. Check out this amazing site for any assignment you might need to research.

Check out these electron microscope pictures of cells from the University of Hawaii.

Enchanted Learning has great themes for kindergarten children through third graders. Check out the rest of Enchanted Learning and Zoom for older students.

Entomology for Beginners If you like bugs, this is the spot for you. There are links to other sites that go to a higher level.

Check out the Virtual Frog.

The Great Plant Escape is a great page to help students learn the parts of a plant.

How Stuff Works is a site that will explain how almost every electronic gadget works. There are explanations for car engines to microwaves and everything in between.

How the Human Body Works is a great site for learning the body systems.

The Innerbody offers descriptions of all the systems of the body with animations to help in the understanding of how they work. Great spot for learning the body systems for science classes.

Kids Food allows the students to take health quizzes, put health facts to work, and put together their own menus. The site even offers suggestions for recipes easy enough for children to make.

Kids Habitat is a great place for learning from the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Monterey Bay Aquarium This site takes you through the "e-quarium" at Monterey Bay. Take time to look at the special features on this page.

NASA Kids is a great science site for kids. Learn all about science in terms you can understand.

NASA Quest has a great deal of information to help you learn about NASA and all its space events

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences provides great kids' fun links for online fun as well as printable color sheets.

Check our panda links as you visit the Memphis Zoo and the pandas.

The Nine Planets is a definitive quick resource for information about our solar system.

Learning about Photosynthesis is a great source of links for information on photosynthesis.

Planet Know has all the information you should need to make better choices about drugs and their harmful effects on your mind and body. You can view commercials aimed at children and teens who need to make the right choices.

Plants and Our Environment is a ThinkQuest site that explains all about plants.

Learn all about the seasons.

Science Spot is a great "spot" for learning about all the aspects of science. There are daily trivia questions, lessons, activities and much more.

Sea World Plan your trip through the wonders of the underwater habitats. There are many rich resources here to answer any questions you have about sea life.

S.K. Worm answers all your questions about soil in a way that elementary school children can understand.

The St. Louis Zoo has great information about all the animals at the zoo. The pictures are fantastic and load fairly quickly so the children don't get impatient. They even have a site search engine. A great place to learn!

Try Science is a great site to do just that - try learning about scientific topics by going on adventures and field trips.

Learn all about trees from the Illinois Extension Service. There are two lessons:

bullet The Secret Life of Trees
bullet Trees are Terrific

Want to learn about the water cycle? Check this site.

Why Files is a great place to answer the question "Why?".

Wolf Webquest is a tremendous way to learn about wolves.