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Everything you ever wanted to know about Russia...


Face of Russia: Cyrillic Alphabet  - view the alphabet and see the English translations for the letters.

The Empire That Was Russia  - color images tell the story of Russia's past, present, and future.

Face of Russia  - learn about Russian history and culture through an interactive timeline of Russian art. Site from PBS Online includes paintings, photographs, and Real Audio clips.

Russia - A Country Study  - facts about Russia's history, geography, resources, government, economy, and much more.

History of St. Petersburg, Russia: Peter the Great  - read a profile of the grandson of Tzar Michael Romanov and Russian leader who moved the capital to St. Petersburg, opened Russia to the West, and established political and economic reforms.

Beringian Heritage International Park Program - joint effort of the United States and Russia to create an international park.

State Hermitage Museum  - come take a virtual tour of this St. Petersburg, Russia museum. In Russian and English.

Alexander Palace Time Machine  - a glimpse of Russia, royalty, and revolution. Includes a virtual tour of the fairytale treasure house of the Russian Tsars, home of Nickolas and Aleksandra.

Frontline: Return of the Czar  - examine Russia's turbulent, post-Soviet 1990s. Features in-depth analyses of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin along with a video clip.


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