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Melanie Nelson, Principal

Student Council Election


                     Avery Farmer                  Cameron George             Aaliyah Hansbrough                  Khloe Woods

 November 6th will be a very important day at Peabody. Students in grades 3-5 will vote for

our new Student Council President. Candidates Avery Farmer, Cameron George,

Aaliyah Hansbrough, and Khloe Woods have been on the campaign trail for weeks preparing speeches, posters, and encouraging their classmates to vote.  The election day festivities will start with an assembly where  District 12 Commissioner,Van Turner, will be our guest speaker. The candidates will share their speeches in hopes of pursuading students to vote in their favor. If you are available, please join us at 1:30 p.m. on November in the school cafetorium. 

We wish each one our candidate the best!


Fighting for a Cause

Mrs. Katz has ignighted the flames for Peabody in the fight against breast cancer.  She organized a

school-wide Breast Cancer Awareness activity where all students, faculty, staff, and parents were encouraged to express thier plan of attack on cancer. Check out Mrs. Katz's class as they share

their plan of attack. Please go to Peabody's facebook page to view the video. 


Walking School Bus

Coach Renwick did an awesome job of organizing Peabody's "Walking School Bus" event.


The Russian Experience