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Love your world. Social Studies

Can't get the students interested in your social studies lesson? Are they tired of reading and answering questions? Take a look at these sites and see if you can find some things to inspire them. There is a world of information just waiting to be shared with your students. Why not do something that will inspire them?

4th and 5th Grade Resources is a fantastic site for this age group. This particular link takes you to a Native American research page that answers all the questions your students will ever need.

50 U.S. States and Capitals is a terrific reference site that gives great information about the 50 states. A good site for teachers and students.

Amazon Interactive is a great informational site for social studies teachers of all ages. It is part of the Educational Web Adventures site that has many more great adventures for your use.

The American Civil War Homepage provides links that will give you a wealth of information on the Civil War.

Ben's Guide to U.S.Government is divided into grade appropriate information about how the government operates.

Try Covington City Schools' list of Black History Links.

Black History has indepth information that explores African-American issues.There are enough links here to help you learn about the issues that are interesting to you and your students.

Check out the CIA's page for kids. It has interesting information to teach about law enforcement.

Want to know all the countries of the world? Check out the World Factbook. If that isn't enough, try the National Geographic site for even more information.

The Discovery Channel can fit into your curriculum with its shows and teaching materials. It is worth checking out.

Geography has terrific educational resources including great maps.

The GeoNet Game provided by Houghton Mifflin Company lets you answer questions about pollution, trade, immigration, use of natural resources. and conflicts between people. A great game for checking how well your students understand the world in which we live.

Gold Rush is a PBS documentary dedicated to helping your students learn about the California Gold Rush.

HyperHistory Online covers 3,000 years of world history. This page is recommended by the History Channel. This timeline gives you a chronological listing of events in history in different countries. This is a valuable tool to any history course.

Make a Map is quite a site. Put in your address and produce a map. This is a great site to explain map legends.

MapQuest provides interactive maps that can help your students understand how to read maps and understand directions. Let them map out their way to their favorite destination.

Mayflower Web Pages takes you to passenger lists, the actual voyage, and historical information about the Mayflower. This site is full of information written on a level most students can easily read.

National Geographic provides the students with the magazine's information on the web. All the great pictures from the magazine with interesting features from 1996 through today. Whatever you want to investigate, you can find it here.The kids' section has a Lewis & Clark expedition section as well as a dinorama section.

Native American Resources is an excellent guide to resources on the internet. You could complete a whole unit on Native Americans from these links.

New York Times on the web is a terrific site for current events for students in grades 6 - 12. There are great student, teacher, and parent connections on this page.

News and Weather link on our homepage will give you links to the major national news stations as well as the Weather Channel.

PBS provides you with information that is up to date with news of the day as well as history pages that give information about our past and how we have progressed to this day in history.

Presidents of the United States is part of the White House site. This site provides brief biographies of all the US presidents.

SchoolHouse Rock is a great site with the words from the cartoons on Saturday mornings.

Social Studies Resources for Teachers could be your one-stop shopping guide for anything that has to do with Social Studies. Great links to some great sites.

Stately Knowledge is a great site to find information about the United States. Check it out.

Time for Kids has terrific articles that are written in terminology the students can understand. Try reading the articles, printing them out for your students to use, and then create an assessment rubric to see if they comprehended what they read. This site has a wealth of possibilities.

White House for Kids and the official White House homepage are great for studying the United States.

World Online is National Geographic's magazine for kids. Check out the information here that is written in a "kid-friendly" format.