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Dinosaur Sites

Watch a BrainPop movie about the dinosaurs.

Enchanted Learning has a comprehensive site dealing with dinosaurs. There are fact sheets, printouts, classroom activities, information about paleontologists and much more!

Encyclopedia Britannica provides an interesting site that shows what they think has happened to change the appearance of dinosaurs through the last several million years:)

The Honolulu Dinosaur site has great pictures to help you with dinosaur information.

The Discovery Channel has some incredible information on its site. If you want to see if your town has some past dinosaur life, just type in your zip code and the site will generate that information for you.

This site will let you print out a copy of a dinosaur of your choosing and cut it out for a two-sided dinosaur that will stand up on its own. It also has some things to sell, but the Download a Dinosaur is worth the visit just for the patterns.

Dinosaurs - Fact and Fiction has some simple questions with answers just a click away.

All About Dinosaurs is just like the Enchanted Learning site, with just a little different layout.