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Fifth Grade Links

Check out Internet 4 the Classroom for TCAP  help.

Brain Pop has the greatest movie clips for math, science, health, and English.

Everybody likes to learn about dinosaurs.

Try your knowledge level on this English site.

Figure This will help you and your students think. Be sure to put on your thinking cap.

The Great Plant Escape has six mysteries you can try to solve, but you will need to know about plants to solve the mysteries.

Be sure to see our Holiday page to learn about all the holidays.

Try the games for learning at Learning Planet.

Check out this page that a group of students did to learn about flowers. Be sure to visit all the links. Their page is called Plants and our Environment.

This is a great site for science.

Science Made Simple is a good link to learn more about photosynthesis and why leaves change colors in the fall.  There are other links for "Why is the sky blue?", "What is Static Electricity?", and "How Do Animals Spend the Winter?"

Cool Science for Curious Kids has four neat links to learn about plants, dust, and more. The site is sponsored by the Minnesota Children's Museum.

Great science questions with links to the answers can be found at Dr. Universe's page of previous questions. 

Cells Alive will help you learn the basics of cells.

Try multiplication facts!!