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Peabody Kindergarteners

Check out the Internet 4 the Classroom for help with TCAP objectives.

Check out Arthur's homepage for great fun with Arthur and his friends.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream page has some wonderful activities for young children.

Everybody likes to learn about dinosaurs.

Here are step by step ideas for crafts of all kinds. Find them at Enchanted Learning.

Try Grandpa Tucker's poems and stories! They are a great way to immerse your children with rhyming. 

Be sure to see our Holiday page to learn about all the holidays. has some terrific kindergarten ideas. Check out the pages that will help you learn.

Learning Planet has some great learning games for kindergarteners.

PBS has some great games to help kindergarteners learn their letters and sounds.

Do you really know your phonics?

Primary Games is a great site for learning. Don't miss the slider puzzles.

Play around with Clifford and the gang at Scholastic's website.

Scott Foresman has helpful information for teaching and learning to read.

The Sesame Street gang has some great ways to learn through games. 

Sony has a great site for young children to build their learning.