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Second Grade Sites

Check out Internet 4 the Classroom for TCAP  help.

See what the BBC is doing with their students.

Between the Lions has some great games.

Try Brain Connection for developing your memory.

Everybody likes to learn about dinosaurs.

Figure This will help you and your students think. Be sure to put on your thinking cap.

Be sure to see our Holiday page to learn about all the holidays.

Try the games for learning at Learning Planet.

Concentration Games from  Primary Games offers great learning games.

PBS Games for Children

Scott Foresman has great reading information.

Social Studies Links:

bullet Jamestown Timeline
bullet Pioneer Life
bullet Powhatan Indian Village
bullet George Washington's biography from the White House homepage
bullet Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon

Water and Water Ecosystem Links

bullet Fresh and Marine Ecosystems
bullet Encarta's Entry for Water Cycle
bullet Water Cycle from Science Court
bullet Water Cycle from Kidzone
bullet Water Cycle
bullet Learn from the EPA
bullet Magic Schoolbus Water Cycle

Zoom School has great resources for water:

bullet Zoom School's Water Cycle
bullet Water Cycle Print Out
bullet Oceans from Zoom


bullet Go to the Weather Quiz to find the questions for the quiz. Print out the questions. Then, go to Little Explorers to find the answers.
bullet Dan's Wild Weather Page for great learning. Don't miss Dan's Weather Fun.
bullet Find out about storms using Kidstorm
bullet Ask Earl - How are tornadoes, hurricanes, and twisters different?
bullet Weather Instruments
bullet Franklin's Institute has great weather links for information and activities.


bullet Static Electricity

Check out all the Brain Pop movies and quizzes.