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Sixth Grade Sites

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Check out Internet 4 the Classroom for TCAP  help for sixth graders any time of the year.

Math Sites

AAA Math offers activities in all the standard skills found at the sixth grade level.

APlus Math has games, flashcards and even math word find puzzles.

Brain Pop Math has short videos and quizzes on those videos to make sure you learned that skill or concept.

Create A Graph allows you to make area, bar, line or pie  graphs without using a spreadsheet application.

Discovery School/Webmath provides instant solutions for word problems. Just choose your type, put in your data and your answer appears.

Disney Online Edu-Station has a great list of sites that help with everything from tangrams to figuring out the cost of electricity.

Figure This presents great math problems that encourage you to think carefully and critically.

Flash Cards for Kids will let you choose the area you need to review in flashcard fashion.

Try the games for learning at Learning Planet.

Prime Numbers will provide all the information you need to know to determine a prime number.

Superkids Math Worksheets is a great place to make your own math worksheets to review for upcoming tests. Check it out for customized help.

Word Problems for 6th graders provides word problems and their answers on the sixth grade level. The site even gives you a hint to help you solve the problem.

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All About Atoms teaches all you need to know about atoms and their three basic particles.

Brain Pop movies and their corresponding quizzes can help with basic understanding of many topics:

bullet Brain Pop Health
bullet Brain Pop Science
bullet Brain Pop Technology

Disney Online Edu-Station has a great list of sites that help with everything from learning why the sky is blue to household chemistry.

Endangered Species site from CBC (Canada Broadcasting Company) has great information in an easy to read fashion.

Exploratorium is the website for the museum of science, art and human perception. It has activities, links, live webcasts and experiments that explore the area of science.

Explore Science Activities is a wonderful place to do online experiments that will help you understand basic science concepts. You need Shockwave to do these experiments.

Kids Health will teach you about all the aspects of keeping your body healthy.

The Heart: an Online Demonstration will show you how your heart should work and how to keep it healthy.

Science Fair Central will help you get ideas for preparing a great science project.

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Social Studies

Disney Online Edu-Station has a great list of sites that will expand your knowledge of countries, classes of people, flags around the world, the White House, the Underground Railroad and much more.

Explore the Pyramids is a site published by PBS. There is much to learn about these ancient monuments.

Eye Witness History provides insight to historical events. The site provides a wealth of historical images.

GeoNet is a geography game by Houghton Mifflin. There are great reference maps that will help you learn about all aspects of United States geography.

Inventions is another section of the CBC website that gives a few of the inventions that have made a big difference in our lives from the calendar to DVDs.

Outline Maps has great outline maps in PDF format. They offer labeled and unlabeled outline maps.

U.S. Cities is published by InfoPlease and provides profiles of the largest  50 cities in the US, metropolitan areas and statistics about them and much more. 

The White House will give you historical and current information about the house and all the Presidents of the United States. 

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Language Arts

BrainPop English has movies and corresponding quizzes on grammar, writing, parts of speech and puctuation.

Disney Online Edu-Station helps you build your vocabulary, become a better writer, learn more about authors and literary genres, and will even give you sites that will encourage you to publish your writing.

Online Poetry provides just what the title suggests - poetry online.

Online Reading Quizzes will test your reading abilities and give your score and suggestions for improvement through email.

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