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Third Grade Sites

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Check out Peabody's ideas for black history links.

Cool Science for Curious Kids has great ways to learn about animals, plants, the air and more.

Everybody likes to learn about dinosaurs.

Enchanted Learning has the GREATEST sites for so many things.

Figure This will help you think mathematically. Be sure to put on your thinking cap.

Third Graders  love to learn about frogs. Here are some great sites:


Enchanted Learning has the GREATEST site for the theme of frogs! Check out Frogs and Toads at Enchanted Learning. 


Crafts on line:

Frog Crafts from


Online coloring of a frog


Origami Jumping Frogs

bullet Paper Frog Puppet


Grandpa Tucker has a cute poem called, "If I Were a Frog."


Something Froggy is a story about Fredrick the Frog. There are some sound files that let you hear the sounds of bullfrogs, tests to see if you remember the frog facts, and games to play. Don't miss a single opportunity to learn.


Somewhat Amazing World of Frogs is an internet scavenger hunt to learn more about frogs.


In case you want to watch a dissection of a real frog, try this site: Dissect a Frog


If you want to learn about frogs using an animated frog, try this site: Virtual Frog

Be sure to see our Holiday page to learn about all the holidays.

Check out Internet 4 the Classroom for TCAP  help.

Try the games for learning at Learning Planet.

Time for Kids has great ideas on the news.

White House for Kids can teach you about our government.

Anasazi Links:

bullet The Anasazi
bullet Anasazi Pictures
bullet Anasazi - Prehistoric People of the Desert

Desert Links:

bullet Animals of the Desert
bullet Plants and Wildflowers of the Desert

Butterfly Links:

bullet Butterfly Lifecycle
bullet Butterflies from Enchanted Learning