Tiger Connection

  Do all tigers live in zoos? Why do tigers have stripes? Can a tiger be my pet at home? Find the answers to these questions and more as you visit the wonderful world of tigers! 

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Tigers Talk Back

1. Where do tigers live? Could you find a tiger in your neighborhood? Why or why not?

2. Why do tigers have stripes? Can you think of other animals that have stripes? Do you think they have stripes for the same reason?

3. How fast can a tiger run? Who runs faster - you or a tiger? Could you ever run as fast as a tiger?

4. How do tigers catch their prey? Do we have to catch prey? Do your pets have to catch prey? How are our pets similar to tigers? How are they different? Make a venn diagram to show your thoughts. 

5. Do tigers eat people? What do they usually eat? How does the tiger's diet compare to yours, your pet's, or your favorite animal?

6. Can a tiger be a pet? Would you like to have a tiger for a pet? If you did, where and how would you take care of it?

7. What are White Tigers? Where would you be most likely to see these types of tigers?

This link has a lot of great information. Read carefully through as many parts of this page as you answer the above questions.

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The following site will give you even more information to help you learn about tigers.

Enchanted Learning hosts a terrific site to learn All About Tigers. Sometimes, you have to use Netscape to get this site to work.

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