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Virtual Tours

Can't take your students to the places you are studying? No need to worry....take a virtual tour. These are some of the places your students may never actually be able to visit in person, so take them by way of cyberspace. It is the best way to go if you can't get there in person. Hop on the bus and take a trip with your students.

African Primates at Home lets you see and hear the African Primates in their environment. This is a scientific site that would be great for researching these animals.

Betsy Ross House Tour takes you to the house where Betsy grew up. A very interesting place to visit.

Castles on the Web gives tours of castles, provides a study of medieval weapons, and even provides a kids' page of castles.

The Dolphin Institute is dedicated to research and education of dolphins and whales. You can even hear their unique sounds.

The Elephant House lets you choose to visit the elephants, rhinos, hippos, or giraffes. This is a terrific virtual tour for children of all ages.

Fish Eye View Cam gives us an inside view of the sites under the water from Coral Gables, Florida. A camera takes pictures every three seconds and updates the view every 90 seconds. A world of learning is right here.

Historic Mount Vernon Tour allows you to view the historic home as well as learn some interesting facts about American pioneers.

Indonesian Tropical Rainforest is a terrific site that gives great information about the rainforest as well as Indonesia.

Mountain Tours gives you images mountains and then takes you to the Mountain Home Pages to find out information about the mountains.

Ocean Planet Floorplan lets you view the ocean floor from your seat in the classroom.

Rainforest Tours has in-depth information, but is a little difficult to navigate.

Sun Virtual Tour provides interesting photos of the sun.

Statue of Liberty photo tour has great pictures of this American symbol of freedom.

The Virtual Cave gives you information about the minerals that are found in the caves as well as perfect pictures of the inside of these historic caves.

Virtual Tours provides all the tours you could ever want. There are over 300 from which to choose including museums, exhibits, and special events.

The White House provides a tour of our country's Presidential home as well as explaining historical and up to date facts about the house, the country, the Presidents, and the families that lived there.