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Dealing with our Nation at War

All of us at Peabody are concerned about our nation going to war. These are definitely difficult times. Use the links at the bottom of the page to help our children and those around us deal with these difficult times. We also have listed some general advice from experts on dealing with this time in our nation's history:

1. Continuously reassure your children that you will help to keep them safe.

2. Turn off the TV. Overexposure to the media can be traumatizing. If your older children are watching the news, be sure to watch with them.

3. Be aware that your child's age will affect his or her response. Adolescents in particular may be hard hit by these kinds of events.

4. Calmly express your emotions - remember that a composed demeanor will provide a greater sense of security for your child.

5. Give your children extra time and attention and plan to spend more time with your children in the following months.

6. Let your children ask questions, talk about what happened, and express their feelings.

7. Play with children who can't talk yet to help them work out their fears and respond to the atmosphere around them.

8. Keep regular schedules for activities such as eating, playing and going to bed to help restore a sense of security and normalcy.

9. Ask questions to find out what they know, so you can see events through their eyes.

Use these links to give you help in explaining these difficult times in the history of our nation:

If you want your students to write notes of encouragement or support, try these links: 

bullet Military Moms will show you ways to send mail to our troops so that they will know they are supported by those at home.
bullet Try Letters to our Troops for another way to send letters.
bullet Friends of Our Troops is another way to send notes of encouragement.

PBS has many great links from these two links:

bullet Talking with Kids about War and Violence
bullet Focus on Iraq

Time for Kids deals with the war in terms children can understand:

bullet America at War

Kids Health gives great advice in their article:

bullet Worrying about War

Education World has several great ideas and links:

Teacher Vision has many lesson plans to deal with this topic as well as:

bullet Parent's Guide from National Center for Children Exposed to Violence
bullet Teacher's Guide from National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

Mr. Rogers offers some words of advice.

National Mental Health Association brings some sound advice to parents and all care givers.