The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was actually a journey that would lead slaves from bondage to freedom. They would have to leave the country and go to Canada. But, when they got there....they would be free. Let's explore the Underground Railroad by searching the site that National Geographic has put together.

Follow the journey, answer the questions below, and you will gain a great deal of knowledge about this difficult time in our history. We will go through the journey choosing "yes" all the way through.  If you want to go through the journey again later and choose another path, that will be fine; but for now, let's be bold and choose "yes".

Are you ready? Here are your questions. Read them first so you will know what you need to think about. When you have all of the questions in your mind. Click on the link and begin your journey.

bullet Most of us can't imagine how it would feel to belong to someone else. What thoughts might go through a slave's mind as he decides whether or not to escape? Make a list of things you might ask yourself so that you could decide if you should go or stay. Then choose "yes".
bullet Why do you think Harriet Tubman is called "Moses"? Why is that such an appropriate name? As you cross Maryland Creek, you will find General Tubman and listen carefully for how to get into Delaware. What kind of directions will you hear?
bullet What is the significance of a lantern? Do you think you need great faith and courage to choose to trust the owners of the house? Remember, be brave and choose to go on. Why does the sound of the barking dogs cause such fear?
bullet You are now in Wilmington, Delaware. What things help you know you can trust Thomas Garrett?
bullet You have made it to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You have met William Still. How does his life encourage you to continue your journey?
bullet Now you are close to the border of Canada. What is Susan B. Anthony going to do that will help you on this last part of your journey?
bullet Look at the picture of Lake Erie. What choices do you have? It seems to you that you have no choice. You must choose "yes". Where do you think you will find the strength to continue?
bullet Now you are free. Do your trials stop here or are they just beginning? What concerns you now? Now you have one thing that makes the journey different...freedom.

Let's look at the top of the page and go to the pulldown menu. Look at the "Routes to Freedom". Plot a route of freedom for you to take from your home to Canadian freedom. How many miles would you have to travel? Do you think you could make it?

Read through the timeline. Pick out a few of the events and explain how they fostered the continuance of slavery?

Read through the information on each of the "Faces of Freedom". Decide which one you would like to know more about and see what additional information you can find. These resources will help you on your journey to learn more.