Shelby County Schools

Riverwood Elementary Optional School

Ms. Toya Riddick, Principal -     

Mr. William Taylor, Assistant Principal -   

Mrs. Teresa Rovery, Riverwood Optional Coordinator

Mrs. Tonya Alston, PLC Coach- 

Mr. Mark Wittman, Facilitator-        

Ms.Sherry Carmichael, Professional School

Ms. Lisa Reeves, Financial Secretary -

Ms. Lori Cross, General Office Secretary -

Ms. Karen Cullum, General Office Secretary -

Ms. Nataska Partee, Nutrition Supervisor -

Mr. Michael Sanders, Eagle's Nest

Ms. Pricilla Jones, Building Engineer-


Ms. Tiffany Worthy-
Ms. Amanda Bass -

Ms. Brooklyn Herron -

Ms. Rebecca Wiggins -
Ms. Susan Flynn -
Ms. Caro
Ms. Carol Welch -
First Grade
Ms. Yolanda Cross -
Ms. Karen Goss -
Ms. Lisa Ashmore -
Ms. Pam Carson -
Ms. Irma Vasquez -
Ms. Veronique Worlds-
Ms. Laurita
Ms. Lauren Pumphrey -
Second Grade
Ms. Dana Ellington -
Ms. Taffeney Hall -
Ms. Tonya Williams-
Ms. Michele Wright -
Ms. Kim Brothers -
Ms. Tatanisha
Ms. Linda Hall -
Third Grade
Ms. Amy McCall -
Ms. Diana Burns -
Ms. Varonia Reed -
Ms. Shelby Swindell
Ms. Haley Gray -
Ms. Whitney Robertson-
Ms. Kenna
Ms. Janette Kirksey-Armour -
Fourth Grade
Ms. Amanda Bynum -
Ms. Jacy Taylor -
Ms. Jacqueline Lewis -
Ms. Robin Duffy -
Ms. Paula Williams -
Ms. Toni Clymer -
Ms. Katie Maynard -
Ms. Brenda Taylor -
Fifth Grade
Ms. Marsha Adams-
Ms. Cassandra James -
Ms. Donna Nichols-
Ms. Amanda Nixon -
Ms. Dana Crow -
Ms. Staci Crouse-
Ms. Erin Venneman-


Ms. Gail Neely, Special Education -
Ms. Julie Slate, Special Education -
Mr. Nicholas Smith, Special Education -
Mr. Matthew Roaten, Special Education-
Ms. Ashley Posey, Special Education -
Ms.Gina Roberts, ELL -
Ms. Anna Gardner, ELL -
Ms. Dawn Cohen, ELL -
Ms. Cynthia Steward, Physical Education-
Ms. Alison Langely, Physical Education -
Ms. Diana Powell, Music -
Ms. Susan Palmer-
Mr. Adam Hunt, Art -
Ms. Nedra Baskins, Art
Ms. Jennifer Jackson, Library -
Ms. Karen Cooperman, CLUE -
Ms. Christin Davis, CLUE -
Ms. Gayle Woloshin, CLUE -
Ms. Katherine Neal, CLUE -
Ms. Terry Lohnes, Speech
Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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