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Phone:  901-416-2104

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Dr. Kriner Cash, Superintendent

Dr. Terrence Brown, Region 4 Superintendent

Dr. Jeff Warren, Commissioner, District 5

Mrs. Renee C. Meeks, Principal

Mrs. K. Sullivan, Assistant Principal




"Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex or age. For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670."

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School Calendars                               

Beliefs, Mission, and Vision


General Information  

Arrival and Dismissal                                    





Homework Policy                    



Extended Day Program                     

Field Trips                                  




Code of Conduct                   

Discipline Plan







After school    


Pro-active Policies  

Dress Code/Uniforms                                                                                            

Student Health & Safety

Student Safety




Head Lice                                   

Health Records


School Records                      

Unnecessary Items                


Honors & Awards          

Honor Rolls                                

Quinine McCormick Honor Society

Presidential Education

American Citizenship Award          


Student Services                      

Registration & Classes                      

Payment Methods                  

Report Card Periods


Lost and Found                                                   




Special Programs

Adopt-A-School Program    

Career Day                                 


Hearing Intervention Program

Instructional Resource        

Laying The Foundation                     

Orff Music                                   

Preschool DD Program                     

21st Century Classroom       

Youth Power                              

Chess Club                                

Class Piano                               

Family Math and Science Night

Geography Bee                                     

Islander Olympics                   

Science Fair                              

Spelling Bee                                            

String Music                                             

The Sea Isle Chorus




     - AYP Status Letter

     - Parent’s Right to Know

     - Student/Parent/School Compact

     - Family Engagement Plan












































































Sea Isle Elementary School



Renee C. Meeks, Principal

5250 Sea Isle Road

Memphis, TN  38117

Phone (901) 416-2104

Fax     (901) 416-2109




Dear Sea Isle Parents,

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that you and your families had a great summer and are ready to jump into the excitement of another year of learning on “The Island.” This year marks the 20-year anniversary of Sea Isle’s opening as an elementary school.  We vow to continue the tradition of excellence in education by providing a student-centered, parent-friendly environment where all stakeholders work together to ensure student success.

Academic success for every student is our #1 priority at Sea Isle. This is a job for teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. We encourage your active participation at Sea Isle by participating in our PTO and Site Based Decision Making Council; scheduling time to volunteer at the school as helpers in the classrooms and on field trips; serving as monitors during testing; and applying your skills to help us secure active school adopters. There is a place for you to serve at Sea Isle!

Please help us provide the best learning environment possible by stressing the importance of:

  • Adhering to good attendance (arriving on time, remaining for the entire day, and no early check-outs)
  • Compliance to school rules
  • Helping your child complete all assignments
  • Volunteering whenever possible in whatever way possible
  • Maintaining contact with your child’s teacher
  • Communicating your expectations to your child
  • Preparing yourself and your child to be challenged with rigorous lessons
  • Not accepting mediocre work


Let us work together to make this the best school experience possible for your child and another great year for Sea Isle Elementary.



Renee C. Meeks



Supporting Academic Success through Parental Involvement




Dear Parents,

Another school year is about to begin! 

The members of the Sea Isle Elementary PTO Board would like to welcome you to this 2011-2012 school year.  We are excited to be able to support the students, parents, teachers and staff of Sea Isle.  We are truly fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school and community.

We want to take full advantage of your varied talents, abilities and time to benefit our children here at “The Island”.  There are many activities scheduled for this school year and we want YOU to be a part of them all.  There is a strong correlation between academic success and parental involvement.  Working together, we can help our eager and capable students “Sail into Academic Excellence!”

Have a great year, Islanders!!


Stephanie Lee

PTO President

Our Parent-Teacher Organization Board members are:

Mrs. Stephanie Lee, President

Mrs. Leslie Smith-Thomas, 1st Vice President

Mr. Bill Lee, 2nd Vice President

Mrs. Genny Nabors, 3rd Vice President

Mrs. Pam Cox, Treasurer

Mrs. Kathryn Miskell, Secretary

Mrs. Regina Williams, Teacher Representative

Mrs. Dewana Edwards, Teacher Representative











Before School Begins







August 1


In-Service Day

August 2


Administrative Day/ Registration Day

August 3


In-Service Day

August 4


In-Service Day

August 5


Administrative Day



First Semester (89 Days)








Students Out


Teachers Out


August 8


First Day of School


August 8-12


Staggered Entry (Kindergarten Students)


August 15


First Full Day of Classes (All Kindergarten Students)


September 5


Labor Day

1 Day

1 Day

October 14


Fall Break

1 Day

1 Day

October 17


1/2 In-Service (12pm-3pm) 1/2 Parent-Teacher Conferences ( 4pm-6pm)

1 Day


November 10


District-wide ThinkShow


November 23-25


Thanksgiving Break

3 Days

3 Days

December 14-16


Exams for First Semester


December 19


Administrative Day

1 Day


December 20 – January 2

Tuesday – Monday

Winter Break

10 Days

10 Days




Second Semester (91 days)




Students Out

Teachers Out

January 3


First Day of Second Semester

(Classes resume as normal.)



January 16


Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.  Holiday

1 Day

1 Day

February 1


TCAP Writing Assessment (Tentative)


February 20


1/2 In-service ( 8 am-11am) 1/2 Parent-Teachers Conference-(12pm- 3pm)

1 Day


March 12-16


Spring Break I

5 Days

5 Days

March 20


ACT Test

(Tentative Date)


April 6


Spring Break II

1 Day

1 Day

April 23-May 4


TCAP Achievement, MAAS, ELSA (Tentative)


April 30-May 18


Gateway Testing (Tentative)


May 9-11


Senior Exams


May 12-20

Saturday - Sunday

Graduation Window



May 16-18


Exams for

Second Semester


May 18


Last Day of Classes


May 21


In-service Day


(could be instructional days in the event of inclement weather)


May 22


Administrative Day


(could be instructional days in the event of inclement weather)


2011-2012 20-Day Attendance Periods


20-Day Period




Monday August 8

Friday September 2


Tuesday September 6

Monday October 3


Tuesday October 4

Wednesday November 2


Thursday November 3

Monday December 5


Tuesday December 6

Wednesday January 18


Thursday January 19

Wednesday February 15


Thursday February 16

Thursday March 22


Friday March 23

Thursday April 20


Monday April 23

Friday May 18





2010-2011 Report Card & Progress Report Periods

Report Card Period






Report Period



Report Issued

Report Card

Period Ends

Report Card


Days In Period

1st Nine Weeks

August 8


September 7


September 14


October 7


October 19



2nd Nine Weeks

October 10


November 9


November 16


December 16


January 11











3rd Nine Weeks

January 3


February 1


February 8


March 7


March 21



4th Nine Weeks

March 8


April 18


April 25


May 18



















If Sea Isle Elementary School is not good enough for our own children, then it is not good enough for any child.

All students can learn at higher levels.

Students learn best when actively engaged in a variety of powerful learning activities.

Our diverse school community recognizes and understands the differences in people and cultures while building on talents and strengths.

Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students and community members are empowered to be involved at Sea Isle Elementary School and share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment.

 A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.




Our mission is to maintain a learning environment based on our beliefs that will ensure that students meet expected proficiency targets and transition to the next level of education with the skills necessary for critical thinking and problem solving.


Stakeholders of Sea Isle Elementary envision a learning culture where all students are valued and nurtured toward academic success and character enrichment.  Parents, staff and community share the responsibility of accomplishing our mission.



As a Sea Isle student, my responsibility is to learn new skills, to show respect, and to obey school rules.



As a teacher, my responsibility is to create a peaceful environment and to plan powerful learning experiences which guide students to success.


Arrival and Dismissal


School hours are 8:30 am until 3:15 pm. Doors open at 8:00 am for breakfast. Teachers are not required to report for work before 8:15 am. Only students in the SACC before school program may enter the building prior to 8:00 am through the cafeteria doors at the rear of the building. All other students must wait outside the front door until the building opens.

Arrangements must be made before a student comes to school for the afternoon pickup. Unnecessary interruptions of classes, with instructions for how students are to get home, diminish instructional time. Teachers must receive written notification of any dismissal changes. Otherwise, the regular dismissal procedures will be followed. Students must be picked up no later than 3:30 pm. Security will be called for any student remaining after that time.

For your child’s safety, please cooperate with us on these procedures.

Early Check Out


Please schedule doctor and dental appointments outside of school hours.  It is important that our students remain at school to receive the final day’s instructions, complete activities, and finalize homework assignments. Early dismissal interferes with learning, and puts undue stress on our limited office staff. If it is not possible to schedule appointments after school hours, and you must pick your child up, please do so before 2:30 p.m. so that we may have a safe and smooth dismissal. 




Students may not leave school without permission from the office.

A parent/guardian must check the student out through the office. If you need to check your child out before the dismissal time, it will be necessary for you to come into the office and sign your child out. The office staff will call your child down to the office to be dismissed. Please wait for your child in the office.


For the safety of our students, no child will be released to anyone other than the guardian listed on the registration card or a designee listed. We will not allow a child to leave school during the day unescorted. Your understanding and cooperation concerning these procedures is appreciated.

Please be aware that tardy students or those dismissed early are not eligible for perfect attendance. MCS student handbook states that after three tardies or early releases, the principal will hold a conference with the student’s parent or guardian. A student who arrives late or leaves early without a medically documented excuse more than nine times during a school year may be subject to more disciplinary action. Attendance is a condition for approval of transfers during Open Enrollment.





Memphis City Schools enacted a new attendance policy that went into effect in 2005. Listed below are the major provisions of the policy:


  • First 2 unexcused absences- documented phone call to parents/guardian each of the first two times of an unexcused absence.
  • Third absence-Warning letter to parents/guardians informing them of the truancy laws and the consequences of noncompliance and requesting a parent/teacher conference
  • Five days of unexcused absence-Official letter from the District's Attorney's Office; meeting with Student Attendance Review Team (SART). SART Team meetings are held Thursdays at 3:30 pm.
  • Ten days of unexcused absences- Final letter from the District Attorney requiring a mandatory meeting of the communitywide Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). The committee will decide if the student's case should be moved to Juvenile Court.


Attendance is important!  We will recognize students and classes having good attendance with special events, certificates and other incentives.

Start NOW with perfect attendance.  Each year we have some disappointed children who do not get certificates for perfect attendance because of tardiness. 
Tardiness and early checkouts count against perfect attendance. Attendance is recorded on your child’s permanent school record. Only the total number is recorded, regardless of whether the tardies or the absences are excused or not.  Attendance is a good habit to develop early.



Each day a child is absent, a note MUST be brought to the teacher giving the reason for the absence.  If a child is absent without the parent’s knowledge, the child is truant. Students on the streets during school hours may be picked up by the Memphis Police Department for truancy. Students absent with the knowledge of the parent may be considered as having an excused absence or an unexcused absence. State law recognizes ONLY six reasons as excused absences-personal illness, court appearance of pupil, recognized religious holiday, death in immediate family, one-day absence when the parent/guardian or custodian returns from military service, or away at a school activity. Baby-sitting, family business or family vacations are NOT excused. Students having an unexcused absence will NOT be allowed to make up work missed and will receive zeros on all work missed. Unexcused absences could adversely affect a student’s grades.

If a student accumulates more than three consecutive absences during a six weeks period, the office issues an absence notice, and a doctor’s statement is required to document absences due to illness. If a student is absent five days and does not have a note/doctor’s statement, or the reason for the absence is not one of the above, a HOME SUSPENSION is issued requiring a parent conference for the student to return to school. In extreme cases of truancy and/or excessive unexcused absences, a child and the parents may be referred to Juvenile Court.



STUDENTS MUST BE IN THEIR ROOMS BY 8:30 A.M. OR THEY WILL BE MARKED TARDY.  Teachers mark students tardy when they arrive at the classroom between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. All students arriving after 8:45 a.m. should stop by the office to receive an official tardy slip that must be presented to their teacher upon entering the classroom. Parent must walk their student into the office.


Children on late buses are not marked tardy. Children who miss their bus and get to school late will be marked tardy. A tardy is excused ONLY if the child is coming from the doctor’s office or has been ill. A ten or fifteen minute illness is extremely rare. Regardless of whether it is the parents’ or child’s fault, the tardiness is recorded. Tardiness for traffic, weather or breakfast is unexcused. The number of tardies and absences are recorded on the child’s permanent school record with no difference being made in excused and unexcused tardies.




Many of our families move during the school year. If you move out of the area, we ask that you give the office at least two days notice to prepare the necessary papers. All textbooks and library books must be turned in and any debts settled before your child’s transfer papers are cleared. You will receive a Student Withdrawal/Entry Data form to take to the new school. The new school will then contact Sea Isle for your child’s complete permanent record.



The homework policy states that homework will count as 10% of a student’s grade. Our students receive homework every night except Friday. Homework will be abbreviated on the nights of a scheduled PTO meeting.

Homework is a key component of learning. Just as an athlete must practice to reach excellence, so must our students practice academic concepts to master and maintain their excellence.

Each student will keep an assignment pad or notebook for the year and the teacher will determine the procedures for using it. We expect parents to go over the assignments with their children each night. Homework is an important continuation of classroom learning.



Basic school supplies will be sold from our bookstore.  Hours are 8:20 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. 

*The following supplies are available:

1st  & 2nd grade tablet

Spiral Notebook

D’Nealian Paper





Crayons-16 count

Glue sticks

Glue 4oz.

Glue 7 ¾ oz.



Notebook paper

40 count

150 count

Steno pad





Pencil Sharpeners





















*Prices are subject to change.




Students must eat lunch each day. If you prefer that your child not eat lunch, please send a note to the principal and to the teacher. Students may purchase lunch on a daily basis, along with a variety of other items. Lunch tickets for five days may be purchased in the cafeteria for $8.25. The daily price is 1.75. Applications for the reduced or free lunch program may be made through the school office. Parents are invited to join their children for lunch. Please let your child’s teacher know in the morning that you will be joining your child so that you may be contacted in the event we have a change in our lunch schedule. 

Students who purchase lunch are to have lunch money.  The cafeteria staff is not allowed by Memphis City Schools’ policy to loan money.  If students forget or lose their lunch, they will be given a manager's choice selection. The office will not loan money for lunch.

Students are encouraged to enjoy breakfast at school.

Beverages must not be brought to school in glass containers.

Cafeteria Prices:

                                                                Full Pay                   Reduced

Breakfast                                             FREE                            FREE

Lunch                                                   1.75                                     .25

Milk                                                         .45                                      .45

Ice Cream                                            .75                                                

Butter Popcorn                                   .50                                                

Cheese Popcorn                                            .50

Fruit Roll-up                                        .60

Fruit Slush                                          .60

Chocolate chip cookies                              .25

Baked cheese chips                       .60

Weekly discounts are given for advance payment.





Many of our families are in need of activities after the regular school day.  In response to that need, Sea Isle Elementary School and Memphis City Schools have established a School Aged Child Care Program for our students. The program operates under a license from the Tennessee Department of Education using the standards and licensing procedures approved by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. We have planned a meaningful schedule for our students, which provides a number of activities – some instructional and some for fun.

The hours of operation for before school care are 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m.  The hours of operation for after school care are 3:15 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The students go to individual classrooms for the afternoon activities. Classes go out for physical education activities. For more information and rate schedule, there is a separate parents’ handbook for the School Aged Child Care Program available through the school office.



Teachers schedule field trips as enrichment to classroom learning experiences.  Students who display appropriate, respectful behavior at school will be allowed to participate in these enrichment opportunities.  Students attending any field trip sponsored by the school must submit a signed permission slip before participating in the activity. Telephone calls for field trip permission will not be accepted.



Our guidance program provides an organized curriculum through which students may be helped to understand themselves in order to utilize most productively their individual potential. Memphis City Schools Developmental Guidance classroom components are self-esteem, social communication skills, career awareness, stress, time management, decision-making and problem solving skills. Regularly scheduled classroom lessons are taught within these components. Individual and group counseling is available to students, parents, and teachers. Students must have an appointment card and approval from the classroom teacher to attend individual and group counseling. Our counselor sends home an introductory newsletter and email access. Parents may request conferences with the counselor at any time. Periodic meetings for parents will be held during the school year. Dates will be announced during the year.






The student Code of Conduct contains information about rules, procedures, rights, and responsibilities that help ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment.  Each student will receive a Memphis City Schools STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT brochure to be reviewed and signed by both student and parent/guardian and returned to school.




In an attempt to assist our students to reach their highest potential and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, Sea Isle School has adopted the following discipline plan:

Our discipline plan is a consistent approach that contains consequences for misbehavior and rewards for acceptable behaviors. No program will be successful without parental involvement. We are all stakeholders, and each of us has a role to play. Parents will be notified in writing or by telephone if their child exhibits inappropriate behavior. They will be informed of actions taken at school and will be asked to assist with appropriate action at home. Parents will also be informed of any improvement in behavior at school.



Be respectful

Obey all adults

Use good manners

Yes attitude



  • Verbal Praise
  • Tangibles/Incentives




Each day begins anew.  Every student starts the day with an E in conduct.  If misbehavior occurs, each classroom teacher will follow these steps on a daily basis.

  • For misbehavior, student is given a warning.  Conduct grade remains an E.
  • If misbehavior continues, a check mark is given.  Conduct grade becomes an S.
  • If misbehavior continues, conduct becomes an N.  Parent may be called.
  • If misbehavior continues, parent will be called and conduct grade becomes a U.


Immediate referral to an administrator includes:

1. Fighting

2. Challenging adult authority

3. Possession or use of weapons or drugs

4. Bullying, including serious threats to students or staff.





The following scale reflects a 45-day attendance period.

E = 90-83 points

S = 82-60 points

N = 59-30 points

U = 29 and below points


If a student is absent, the report card grade will be calculated by a scale, which reflects attendance and daily points.




Teachers and students will start each day with the following mottos:

“As a Sea Isle teacher, my responsibility is to create a peaceful learning environment and to plan powerful learning experiences, which guide students to success.”


“As a Sea Isle student, my responsibility is to learn new skills, to show respect, and to obey school rules.”



Memphis City Schools will be an internationally competitive urban school district that produces well-rounded, high achieving students.




Arrival at School

  • If you ride a bike, walk the bike onto school grounds and park the bike in the bike rack.
  • Enter the building through the front or east doors.
  • If you enter between 8:00 and 8:20 a.m., go into the cafeteria.
  • If you are eating breakfast, enter the serving line and then eat quietly at the assigned tables.  If you are not eating breakfast, sit quietly at the table assigned to your grade level until the attending faculty members dismiss you.
  • If you enter between 8:20 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., go directly to your classroom.
  • You are tardy after 8:30 a.m.  If you come to school after 8:45 a.m., you must report to the office before going to your classroom.
  • Only Special Education students and daycare van riders along with their drivers may enter through the back cafeteria doors after 8:00 a.m.  All others MUST enter through the front entrance or east side door.



  • At all times, walk slowly on the right side of the hallways.
  • Be silent in the hallways.



  •  Food must remain in the cafeteria.
  •  Speak in a low volume (Zone 1) while you are in the cafeteria.
  •  Dispose of all trash in the proper place.
  • Follow the directions of the cafeteria monitors.
  • Remain at the student table at all times unless you are with your parent(s).


After School

  • Students are to go to specific areas designated for dismissal.
  • All students should be off school grounds no later than 3:30 p.m. unless they are participating in extra-curricular activities.




At Sea Isle we consistently encourage our students to reach high goals and to conduct themselves as model students at all times.  Our students are motivated to reach those goals through the following:

  • Honors Programs (following each report card period)
  • Quinnie McCormick Honor Society
  • Most Improved Student Awards
  • Peer Mediation
  • Islander Reporters
  • “Messages from the Sea” reporters
  • Peer Tutors
  • Teacher Helpers
  • B.U.G. Club (Bringing Up Grades Club)

    10.  E Club (Blue Ribbon)



6.310 School Uniforms and Dress Code

Original Adoption: 06/24/02 Effective Date: 06/25/07

Revision Dates: 10/21/02, 07/14/03, 08/29/03, 09/12/05, 07/17/06, 6/25/07



1. Basic Uniform

- The basic uniform shall be tan, navy blue or black pants, skirt or jumper and a navy blue or white long sleeve or short sleeve shirt with a collar (polo style, dress style, or turtleneck). A student can wear any combination of the official colors.

- Pants must be straight-legged or boot cut. Full-length pants, cropped pants, and straight-legged capri pants are permitted. Denim jeans, pedal pushers, and bell bottoms are not permitted.

- Walking shorts are permitted for elementary, middle/junior high and high school students. (Walking shorts are straight-legged shorts that are at the knee.)

- Pants must fit at the waist and not be oversized or undersized (e.g., Baggy pants, sagging pants, tights/leggings, “skinny cut” pants or pants made of spandex are prohibited.). If belts are worn they must be fitted and put through belt loops.

- Skirts or jumpers must be at or below the knee.

- Shirts must be tucked on the inside unless they are made to be worn over pants or skirts.

- T-shirts may be worn as undergarments. They must be solid white or one of the additional colors approved by the school leadership council.

- Light jackets, vests, shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts, and cardigans are permitted as items that may be worn over the uniform top. They must be white, tan, navy blue, black or one of the additional colors approved by the school leadership council.

- No denim material may be worn as uniform clothing.

- All uniform clothing must be plain without any manufacturer's logos, brand names, pictures, or insignias visible on the clothing.

- Shoes can have heels no higher than one and one-half inches. Shoes with rollers/wheels are prohibited. Athletic shoes, sandals with straps on the heel, and boots are permitted.

- Heavy coats, heavy jackets and raincoats are not covered by these regulations and are not to be worn during the school day unless permitted by the principal for special circumstances.

2. The district prohibits K-12 students from wearing any type of clothing, apparel or accessory that denotes their membership in or affiliation with a gang associated with criminal activities. Therefore, principals shall have the authority to place restrictions on the Basic Uniform for safety reasons including gang-related activity.

3. School leadership councils may approve additional styles and colors for the uniform top if the change is school-related and is consistent with district and school dress codes. School leadership councils may also approve of days or events when school uniforms will not be required. Middle/junior high and high school students must provide input in decisions regarding local changes in school uniforms. A student will not be out of compliance if he/she wears the district-wide uniform rather than the local school's uniform.

4. Students may wear the uniforms of nationally-recognized student organizations at their schools on days specified by the organization (e.g., Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts).

5. The school district and local schools must inform parents of the availability of financial assistance if they cannot afford to purchase school uniforms at competitive prices.

6. Violation of the school uniform policy shall not affect a student's academic or conduct grade.

7. School leadership councils shall establish dress codes consistent with the district wide policy on dress codes.


8. Parent complaints about the school uniform policy and the school dress code shall be reported to the principal or a designee.

9. The Division of Exceptional Children can decide whether any student(s) should be exempt from the School Uniforms Policy due to a student's exceptionality.

10. The school uniform policy shall be in effect during both the school year and the Summer Program.


Schools may use the following behavioral intervention strategies and disciplinary measures for violations of the School Uniforms and Dress Codes policy.

  1. classroom and school-wide intervention strategies (It is expected that the initial intervention will be a call to the parent/guardian.)
  2. confiscation of item and/or loss of privileges
  3. detention/Saturday school
  4. in school suspension
  5. overnight suspension/parent or guardian conference in lieu of suspension


A student will not be out of compliance if failure to wear uniform clothing is due to the student's or parent's severe financial hardship. Parents and students must be informed of the availability of financial assistance if they cannot afford to purchase a school uniform at competitive prices.







Sea Isle has adopted the following dress code in conjunction with the MCS uniform policy:

Tops (shirts, blouses) must be white or navy blue with collars.

  • Acceptable styles include polo or golf-style shirts, oxford or button-down dress shirts, and white blouses with peter pan collars.
  • Long sleeves and short sleeves are both acceptable.
  • Sleeveless tops are not acceptable. Vests can be worn over shirts or blouses ONLY IF they are uniform colors!
  • Sea Isle class T-shirts are acceptable on days designated by the teacher.
  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in. The midriff must be covered.

Bottoms (pants, walking shorts, leggings, skirts and jumpers) must be khaki tan, navy blue, or black.

  • Acceptable styles for pants include full-length dress pants, boot cut or straight-legged pants, straight-legged capri pants, cropped pants and knee-length walking shorts.
  • Skirts or jumpers must also be knee-length or longer.
  • Jeans, tight-fitting or baggy pants and cargo pants are NOT acceptable.
  • If pants or skirts have belt loops, a belt MUST be worn and fitted at the waist.
  • Shoes should not have heels higher than an inch and a half.
  • Athletic or tennis shoes, as well as boots, are acceptable.
  • Sandals and shoes must have a heel strap or must completely cover the heel. Crocs are not acceptable.
  • Students may wear a college t-shirt on the day of our Honors Programs. Athletic shirts are not acceptable.
  • Accessories, if any, SHOULD NOT be a distraction in the classroom to anyone. 


  • Boys may not wear earrings.


Clothing should not have any visible logos other than Sea Isle.




To ensure a safe environment, all doors will be locked at 8:30 a.m. daily.



Parents are encouraged to visit classes.  To help maintain a safe environment, any parent or other visitor is required to:

  • Inform the teacher prior to the visit.
  • Report to the office upon entering the building. 
  • Sign in and secure a visitor’s pass from the office.

Please leave keys or driver’s license in the office.



If your child becomes ill at school, he or she will be sent to the school nurse's office. Any child with a temperature of one degree or more above normal will be sent home. We will contact you or an emergency friend, and your child will be dismissed through the school office. The office should be informed of any changes in your emergency information as soon as possible. Your child MUST be free of fever for 24 hours before he/she returns to school.



Sometimes it is necessary for students to take prescription medicine while at school.  Aspirin, Tylenol, cough drops and other nonprescription items will NOT be given to children during school hours.  Medicine MUST be brought immediately to the office by either the parent or the student.  Medicine is to be in a prescription bottle with the child’s name, the name of the medication, doctor’s name and pharmacy shown on the pharmacy label.  Under Memphis City Schools policy, a doctor’s statement is required showing the necessity that medication be taken during school hours, the appropriate dosage, the time it is to be administered, and the anticipated length of time the student will need the treatment.

The parent must also complete an Authorization for Medication During School Hours form requesting that the school administer the medication.  Forms are available in the school office.  The student is responsible for coming to the office at the appropriate time and taking the medicine in the office.



Lice occur in the best and cleanest of families.  Lice occur in the best and cleanest schools. Students may not attend school with head lice.  If we find a child with lice, the child will be sent home until the child has been treated with lice shampoo, and there are no nits (eggs) in sight.  When a case of head lice is reported all students in that child’s class will be checked for head lice.  All students with head lice must go home.  The office must check all students who have head lice before they are allowed to return to school.   Parents please bring your child in to the office and make sure he/she is cleared before you leave. While lice are not life threatening, we must be aggressive in dealing with the problem. More information is available in the office pertaining to the treatment of head lice.



It is mandatory that every child, K-12, be properly immunized and have on file a health card indicating that he/she has had all of the following:

Chicken Pox


4 Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis (DPT)

4 Polio

3 Hepatitis B

2 Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)**

**Given after 1st birthday.  Also required for children entering 4th, 8th, and 12th grades.



Information and enrollment forms for student school accident insurance will be sent home.  The school does not receive any of the fees paid.  This is not a fund raising project for us.  We would, however, strongly encourage each family to take advantage of this opportunity for your children.  The cost is very reasonable and the coverage is an excellent supplement to any insurance you may already have.  If you do not already have insurance, it is even more important that you take advantage of this offer.  Each year we have a number of accidents – some small and some not so small.  The small cost of the insurance is nothing compared to an emergency room visit or even a regular doctor’s office visit.  There is an option for twenty-four hour a day coverage that will provide protection even when your child is not at school.  The extra coverage is well worth considering and quite inexpensive.



The school records will be released upon request of the receiving school.  These records may be reviewed by scheduling an appointment with the school principal or assistant principal.



Some things are best left at home.  They may be a source of disruption to instruction, may cause a disturbance among students, or need extra security because of the value of the item.  Cell phones, tape players, radios, CD players, electronics games and cameras should not be brought to school.  Such items brought to school may be confiscated by the teacher or the office and kept until a parent comes to school to pick up the item.









Principal’s List Honor Roll             All A’s and E’s in Conduct and Work Habits

Honor Roll                                                All A’s, B’s, S’s and E’s

The Islander Award                           Most Academically Improved

B.U.G. CLUB                                          Bringing Up Grades

(Students, who increase one or more grades for the nine weeks and do not lower any grades for the nine weeks.)

Honor Roll assemblies are conducted at the end of each nine weeks to acknowledge students with perfect attendance, good citizenship, and excellence in academics.  Rewards are given to appropriate classes and students.  Parents are encouraged to attend.



Open to all students in grades 4, 5 and Intermediate HIP. 

Qualifying expectations are:

  • Achieve Honor Roll status three out of four nine weeks for the current school year.
  • Spring (of previous year) TCAP percentile of at least 75% in reading and/or math
  • S’s and/or E’s in conduct (social skills, work habits)
  • S’s and/or E’s in areas outside academics (art, music, computer and P.E.)
  • Ineligible if board suspended


These expectations need to be met for three out of four nine weeks periods this school year.  The induction of Honor Society members will take place after the 3rd  report card period ends.




The Academic Presidential and the Citizenship Awards are presented to 5th grade students during the Promotion Ceremony.

Honoring student achievement and hard work is the purpose of The President’s Education Awards Program.  Since 1995 Sea Isle has participated in this program that has provided individual recognition from the President and the US Secretary of Education to those students whose outstanding efforts have enabled them to meet challenging standards of excellence.

The US Dept of Education, in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, sponsor this program.  Students graduating from elementary, middle, and high school are eligible to receive the President’s Education Awards, which are based on the criteria established by the U. S. Dept. of Education, and that criterion includes two requirements.

The first requirement is that the recipients of the Award have scored in the 85th percentile or higher in “Total Reading and/or Math” on the 4th grade achievement test.

The second requirement is that they have a combined grade point average of at least a 90 for the 4th and 5th grade report cards.

Each recipient of the Academic Presidential Award receives a pin, a letter from the President of the United States, and a certificate signed by the President of the United States, the Secretary of Education, and Mrs. Meeks.



The National Association of Elementary School Principals and the national Association of Secondary School Principals sponsor the American Citizenship Award.


It was established as a way to recognize America’s youth for making positive contributions to the schools because, as we know, the leaders of tomorrow are sitting in our classrooms today.


Recipients of the American Citizenship Award have consistently exhibited excellent citizenship qualities by earning the Citizenship Award each nine weeks during the 5th grade.  The recipients of the American Citizenship Award receive a pin.





The teacher who registers your child may not be his/her classroom teacher.  Class rosters will be developed as soon as possible.


Children who will be entering the first grade in the 2010-2011 school year will be required to have completed kindergarten prior to enrollment.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before September 30, 2010.  First grade students must be 6 years old on or before September 30, 2010.



All payments made to Sea Isle Elementary for activities, supplies, books, fees, etc. must be in the form of cash or money order.  All PTO payments must be made in cash.  Checks will only be accepted as a form of payment for SACC.




Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks.  They are to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the following day.  At the end of the third week of each nine weeks period, deficiency notices will be sent home to parents/guardians of students who are experiencing difficulty in any of the subject areas.



ES –   Exceeding Standards

Consistently grasps, applies, and extends key concepts, processes and

skills.  Works beyond stated goals).

MS –   Meeting Standards

Grasps and applies key concepts, processes and skills. Meets stated


 NMS – Not Meeting Standards

 Making less than expected progress.   Not yet grasping key concepts,

 processes and essential skills.



GRADING SCALE GRADES 4 – 5                                         CONDUCT SCALE


A - Excellent                               93-100                                          E - Excellent

B - Good                                      85-92                                              S – Satisfactory

C - Average                                 76-84                                              N – Needs Improvement

D - Below Average                   70-75                                              U – Unsatisfactory

F - Failure                                    Below 70




Books are issued to all students.  It is the responsibility of the student to take care of his/her textbooks.  Books are issued either new or used.  If a book is lost or damaged the full price is charged for a new book, and 3/4 of the price is charged for a used book.  The parents must sign the form titled “Textbook Rules”, and each student is responsible for all of the books that have been issued to him or her.  The textbooks should not be written in or defaced in any way.  Any fines imposed will be paid by the student to whom the textbook was issued.




All found articles should be turned in to the office.








On October 1, 1994, enforcement began on City Ordinance Chapter 21-23.3:  Use of Safety Belts:  All passengers occupying a passenger motor vehicle engaged in forward motion are required to use Safety Belts.  Violators shall be fined for each person in the passenger motor vehicle failing to use a seat belt.

STATE OF TN CHILD RESTRAINT LAW  -  Effective July 1, 2004

Children ages four through eight and measuring less than five feet tall when in a passenger motor vehicle must be in the rear seat (if available, or according to the child safety restraint system or vehicle manufacturer’s instructions) using a belt positioning system (booster seat).



Car riders are children whose parents drive through the pick-up line at the east end of the building.  These children are dismissed from their classrooms at 3:10 p.m.  Car riders are not to be checked out from the office during dismissal.



  • The students will sit quietly by their number and listen for their number to be called.
  • The students will keep their hands and feet to themselves.
  • The students will leave their belongings in their backpacks.
  • The students will respect authority.


We will not call your number unless you are in the car line.  Please do not come inside to get your child if he/she is a car rider. 


We begin calling numbers at 3:15 p.m.  Please make sure you are in the line between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m.  If you are not on time, you will need to come to the main office and sign your child out. Also, by pulling all the way up and staying in the line, we can load quickly and this will help us to keep the line moving.  The teacher on duty will let your child know when he/she may load.  This is for the safety of the children.  In order for this process to go as smoothly as possible, the children need to follow the rules.  Please go over these with your child.


Students receiving two car rider conduct notices within a nine weeks period will be referred to the classroom teacher where discipline procedures will be enacted.



While riding the school bus, students must avoid:

    1. Loud conversations
    2. Holding head or hands out the window
    3. Fighting or disobeying the bus driver
    4. Moving from seat to seat

Students must report to the cafeteria when they arrive each morning and remain until the bell rings for them to go to their classrooms.  Students who are assigned to ride a school or day-care bus will be sent home on that bus unless the homeroom teacher is notified by the parent in writing of any changes for that day and any subsequent days.



 Walkers are children who walk from home to school and from school to their home. Walkers are NOT students whose parents pick them up in cars in front of the school or along side streets. Students who walk or ride their bikes to and from school must cross only with the crossing guards located at the intersection of White Station and Sea Isle Road and in front of the school.  Bike riders will not be allowed in the parking lot during busy traffic hours.

CHILD BICYCLE SAFETY ACT – Tennessee Code, Title 55, Chapter 52, Section 6.1:  It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of twelve to operate or be a passenger on a bicycle unless at all times when the person is so engaged he/she wears a protective bicycle helmet of good fit fastened securely upon the head with the straps of the helmet.  Section 6.3:  It shall be unlawful for any parent or legal guardian of a person below the age of twelve to knowingly permit such person to operate or be a passenger on a bicycle in violation of Section 6.1.



Responsible students in the 4th and 5th grades serve on the Sea Isle Elementary Safety Patrol.  We encourage all Sea Isle students and adults to be aware of our Safety Patrol.  They have been instructed on the various policies concerning traffic and pedestrian safety and are in place to ensure that our students arrive and depart from school safely.



No cars will be allowed in the circular driveway in front of the school, or in the west driveway.  Students must be dropped off and picked up in the east parking lot.





This is a partnership formed between businesses and other organizations in the community and the schools to help further the educational goals of the Memphis City Schools.  The eight adopters for Sea Isle Elementary are Colonial Park United Methodist Church, Sea Isle Park Neighborhood Association, Life Blood East, Ci-Ci’s Pizza, Sonitrol of Memphis, and Starbuck’s – Oak Court.





Career Day is a day in which selected professionals are invited to Sea Isle to provide valuable insights about their chosen profession while stressing the benefits of education and good decision-making.



CLUE is designed to meet the needs of academically talented and gifted students. 



A preschool program funded through the State of Tennessee.



H.I.P. is a total communication program that incorporates speech and American Signed English for students ages 3 to 12.



This program provides additional assistance in all academic areas for students who meet the requirements.


Laying the Foundation is a program during Black History Month for preschool through fifth grade.  This program gives the students the opportunity to hear African Americans’ stories of success.  Parents, relatives, and members of the community are invited to participate.



This weekly music program is for students in all grades, taught by a certified ORFF specialist.



This is available for students ages 3, 4, and 5 who meet the requirements.



The Technology classroom’s intent is to keep the Memphis City School system up to date in terms of education-related technology.  Using multi-media technology as a tool, children will focus on active, individually centered, and interdisciplinary learning.  Computer software, video cameras, interactive whiteboards, and laser printers will enable students to use higher order critical thinking skills and apply basic skills to create multi-media presentations, stories and school newspapers for both teacher assigned projects and student initiated activities.  The internet will allow students to communicate with students in different classes, schools and cities.  Students will also be able to cooperatively compile data as they make and read graphs, draw conclusions, and participate in Project Based Learning.

ALL students at Sea Isle Elementary will be exposed to technology.  Classrooms and the library link students to the Internet and provide tools for multimedia projects.


Youth Power is a program for kindergarten through fifth grade which provides elementary school children with age appropriate information about alcohol and other drugs, and skills that help children to resist them.


This is an after school program for any student or adult interested in taking karate lessons at a reasonable cost.  Please contact the instructor at school.



The Family Math and Science Night is held in September.  Activities are designed to promote Math and Science through hands-on experiences.



This is an end of the year celebration that incorporates games of chance and skill, track and field events, concessions, and other activities.  Teachers, parents and students all compete on this day of fun and good sportsmanship.




This program is offered to 5th grade students interested in learning to play a stringed instrument. 



The Chorus will be formed with the 4th and 5th grade students who exhibit special interest and ability in singing. 











Parents, please refer to the following Memphis City Schools student policies online.  These policies are adhered to when educating and/or disciplining your child at Whitehaven High School.  Please feel free to print these policies to have for future reference.


Policy Number

Policy Title


Regularity of Attendance


Student Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying /Intimidation


Student to Student Sexual Harassment


School Uniforms and Dress Codes


Student Behavior


Confidential Student Information


Media Access to Students


Student Fees and Fee Waivers


To access these policies, please follow the steps below:


    1. Go to the Memphis City Schools website at
    2. On the left side of the page click on Departments
    3. Click on Policy
    4. Click on Student Policy at the top of the page
    5. Click on the policy numbers listed above


Important Numbers


MCS Board of Education


Region 4


Sea Isle Elementary


Sea Isle Elementary School Age Child Care

901-416-2104 Ext. 4

Exceptional Children


Health Services


Mental Health


Pupil Services


Student Information







Helpful Websites and Email Addresses



Sea Isle

Mrs. Meeks

Ms. Jackson




  • Parent Involvement Policy and Parent/School Compacts
  • Parent Notification Requirements
    • School Status
    • Non-Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Annual Parent Meeting
    • Share school’s progress
    • Share school’s Title I plan (TSIP)


Become familiar with your child’s school, its School/Parent Compact and the Family Engagement Plan.  These are two very important documents, and both are included in this handbook.



Title I is the largest federal aid program for our nation’s children.

Title I has a goal of high quality education for every child.  Therefore, the program provides extra help to the students who need it most.  These are children who are the furthest from meeting the standards that the state has set for all children.

You influence your child’s education more than any teacher or school.  By taking an active role in Title I, you will show your child

  • how important he or she is to you
  • how important education is to you
  • that you and the school are a team



The federal government provides funding for states each year for Title I.  To get the funds, each state must submit a plan describing

  • what all children are expected to know
  • the high-quality standards of performance that all children are expected to meet
  • ways to measure progress


The Local Education Agency (LEA) identifies eligible schools with the highest percentages of children from low-income families and provides Title I resources.

THE TITLE I SCHOOL includes parents, teachers, administrators, and other school staff who work to:

  • Identify students most in need of educational assistance; however, students do not have to be low income to receive help.
  • Set goals for improvement
  • Develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction
  • Measure student progress using standards set forth in the America Act
  • Be involved in all aspects of the program


Title I Serves Children Through


  • Schools with 50% or more of children from low income families can develop school-wide Title I programs to serve all students.  School-wide programs can combine Title I funds with federal, state, and local funds to improve school programs.



  • Schools will work out a plan and program to make sure children served by Title I meet the same high-quality standard of performance.


As a parent, you’re part of the Title I team!

You know your child best; therefore, it is up to you to

  • Share information about your child’s interest.
  • Judge whether Title I is meeting your child’s needs.



The annual Title I meeting is the place to start and you are invited.  It’s the perfect time to:

  • learn more about Title I
  • learn about your rights and responsibilities as a Title I parent
  • meet other parents and teachers
  • begin a process of communication and cooperation between parents and the school


NOTE:  There are two mandated Title I meetings per year – one in the fall and one in the spring.




“In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children.  And it takes more than a good home.  It takes these two major educational institutions working together.”  - Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills

Studies have indicated that children whose parents and/or other significant adults share in their formal education tend to do better in school.  Some benefits that have been identified that measure parental involvement in education include:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Long term academic achievement
  • Positive attitudes and behavior
  • More successful programs
  • More effective schools

Sea Isle Elementary School


Renee C. Meeks

Renee C. Meeks, Principal

5250 Sea Isle Road

Memphis, TN  38117

Phone (901) 416-2104

Fax     (901) 416-2109








August 1, 2011

Dear Parents:

              As you know, our school and district are dedicated to ensuring that our students succeed.  While we have always held high expectations for our students, the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) has set new standards for students to meet.

              Last summer, our state released a report on the progress our schools are making toward achieving proficiency for 100 percent of our students under NCLB.  The report identifies whether schools have made “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) - a simple yes or no grade based on a complex set of measurements.  To make AYP, each district school must achieve targets:  areas of test participation and performance measured across subgroups of students (grouped by such categories as race, language proficiency, and disability).  In addition, schools must meet graduation rates and attendance rates.  If just one subgroup misses just one target, an entire school does not make AYP.   Great news - Sea Isle Elementary School met the target!  The State of Tennessee has recently amended the proficiency requirements; therefore, our AYP status has not changed.


              Please know that many good schools have not made AYP, that doesn’t mean they’re not successful.  AYP is an all-or-nothing proposition, but student achievement is not.  Academic success is measured in many ways, including classroom tests, teacher observations, report cards, homework, and standardized tests.  But AYP focuses only on state tests.  Entire schools can miss the target if too many students are absent on a test day or if students who are not yet fluent in English miss the reading and writing goals.

Our school is filled with outstanding teachers, principals and support staff, who regularly update their skills and participate in training to help them meet the needs of all students.  I invite you to arrange a visit to any classroom in the school to see for yourself.

              I am firmly committed to achieving our goal of success for every child, and I recognize that we must continually improve. I urge you to examine the results and look closely at the progress our school is making.  Most important, I encourage you to join me in addressing our challenges and applauding the great work students and staff are doing in classrooms throughout Sea Isle Elementary School.  As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions, and involvement in our schools and in the challenges our students face.

Yours truly,


Renee C. Meeks

Parents’ Right to Know

No Child Left Behind

Our school is a federally funded school wide Title I school.  Title I is part of No Child Left Behind.  Title I requires that schools create a positive and supportive learning environment that results in high levels of achievement for all students.  Funds are available for academic programs and strategies, additional teachers and other personnel, staff development, materials and supplies, technology and parent training.

We look forward to working with you and your child to make this a rewarding year.











Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex or age. For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.

Sea Isle Elementary School

Title I Parent/Guardian/Student/Teacher/School Compact


The principal, faculty, parents/guardians and students of Sea Isle Elementary School believe that all children can reach higher levels of academic achievement. This compact was jointly developed and agreed upon by the Sea Isle Elementary School students, parents, and staff. Therefore, all stakeholders collectively affirm their individual commitments to those behaviors that result in the student’s daily progress and future success.



I, the undersigned, partner in the education of children at Sea Isle commit to the following:

  • Provide support and encouragement to students, teachers, and parents
  • Provide high quality curriculum and instruction to all students
  • Provide positive communication between the teacher, parent, and the student
  • Provide parents with reasonable access to staff, to volunteer, participate, and observe in their child’s class
  • Provide multiple opportunities for parent/teacher conferences
  • Ensure that teachers provide homework assignments that will reinforce classroom instruction
  • Ask parents, community, and adopters to assist by providing books for classroom libraries
  • Promote a positive relationship among the students, parents, community, teachers, and administrators


       Signature_________________________________________          Date_________________________



      Signature_________________________________________          Date_________________________

                                         Assistant Principal




I, the undersigned, partner in the education of children at Sea Isle commit to the following:

  • Create a peaceful environment
  • Plan powerful learning experiences with Rigor and Relevance which guide students to success
  • Ensure that every student receives a well-planned day of instruction each day
  • Reply promptly to correspondence from home
  • Encourage student performance by providing frequent information about student progress
  • Provide homework that reinforces classroom instruction
  • Read to and with students daily


       Signature_________________________________________          Date_________________________





I, the undersigned, partner in the education of children at Sea Isle commit to the following:

  • Attend School regularly with supplies and other necessary tools for learning
  • Complete all class work and homework assignments
  • Respect myself, the rights and property of others
  • Obey the rules in the Student Code of Conduct
  • Read at least twenty five books this year


       Signature_________________________________________          Date_________________________



(Any person who is responsible for helping this student may sign in lieu of the parent.)

I realize that my child’s school years are very important, and I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude.

I, the undersigned, partner in the education of children at Sea Isle commit to the following:

  • Ensure that my child attends school on time daily
  • Work cooperatively with the school to maintain proper discipline
  • Reply to correspondence, surveys, or questionnaires from the school
  • Stay aware of what my child is learning by making periodic visits and volunteering in my child’s classroom
  • Provide a quiet  place for homework/study
  • Attend as many school-related activities as possible
  • Read with my child, and let my child see me read


       Signature_________________________________________          Date_________________________





I support this form of parental involvement.  Therefore, I shall strive to do the following:

  • Provide a supportive, safe, and effective learning environment that allows for positive communication between the teacher, parent, and student.
  • Encourage teachers to regularly provide homework assignments that will reinforce classroom instruction
  • Enforce district and school uniform policies
  • Provide  high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the children to meet the state’s achievement standards
  • Provide multiple/flexible opportunities for parent-teacher conferences to discuss the compact as it relates to an individual child’s achievement
  • Provide time to listen to student concerns
  • Provide time to listen to parent concerns
  • Encourage teachers to regularly provide homework assignments that are an extension of classroom instruction
  • Encourage teachers and students to always respect self, others, and property
  • Encourage teachers and students to have high expectations academically, socially, emotionally, and physically
  • Make expectations widely known when students and parents enter the school doors
  • Maintain open communication with parents through phone calls, conferences, parent meetings, and parent visitations
  • Involve parents as assistants in the school day-to-day business
  • Help foster a school environment where educators work collaboratively daily so that student achievement is attained at a higher level



Principal’s Signature_______________________________________          Date__________________


_______ Sea Isle Elementary School is a federally funded NCLB School.



Sea Isle Elementary School

Family Engagement Plan


Sea Isle Elementary School encourages the partnership of parents, educators, and the community to accomplish the goal of empowering each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.



Sea Isle Elementary School is working diligently to bridge the gap between school and community.  To this end, Sea Isle Elementary School encourages family engagement in the educational process.  Parents and extended family are given the opportunity to promote educational success for students by acting as advisors, resource persons and coordinators in the following ways:


  • Serve on the Site-based Decision Making Council Leadership Team.
  • Support Sea Isle Elementary School events.
  • Use their talents/resources to enhance the instructional programs.
  • Respond to memos, surveys, and questionnaires expressing ideas and concerns regarding school-wide improvements.


NCLB Involvement


The administrators, parents, staff and community strategically plan and implement No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements according to the guidelines set forth in the law which includes the following:

  • Inform parents of NCLB and Sea Isle Elementary School’s participation status during PTO meetings, Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, “Family Curriculum” Night, and Parent Workshops.
  • Invite parents to observe Sea Isle Elementary School programs and visit classrooms.
  • Provide parents with student progress reports, deficiency notices, report cards, and TCAP data.
  • Solicit feedback and suggestions from parents at parent meetings on decisions related to the education of their children.
  • Provide parents with a copy of the Family Engagement Plan.
  • Provide parents with a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at Sea Isle Elementary School, including formative assessments used to measure student progress and explain the state’s achievement levels students are expected to meet.


NCLB Involvement

Program Development


To ensure that our parents participate in the development and implementation of Sea Isle Elementary School’s program, we will do the following:

  • Invite all parents to the annual Title I meeting and subsequent parent meetings to explain the components and requirements of NCLB.
  • Provide morning workshops and evening meetings throughout the school year for parents to attend.
  • Offer diverse parent trainings and workshops on topics such as “Helping Your Child Be Successful in School” and “Preparing Your Child for the TCAP Assessment”.
  • Involve parents in planning and developing Sea Isle Elementary School’s improvement projects.
  • Develop jointly with parents, a parent-school compact outlining how parents, schools, and students share responsibilities.
  • Disseminate the compact to all students/parents/community and acquire appropriate signatures.
  • Encourage parents to regularly visit and take an active role in school planning and volunteer their services.


Family Resources


To find out more about Sea Isle Elementary School, Memphis City Schools,

and NCLB visit the following websites:

Memphis City Schools


Sea Isle Elementary School




Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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